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Apr 22 2008

NY Times PO’d At Hillary For Ruining Their Agenda

Reader WWS referred me to this emotional diatribe out of the NY Times, which in a fit of frustration has clearly shown its liberal stripes and unprofessionalism by letting such a piece of ranting fiction out of it’s doors and into the hands of its customers: The Pennsylvania campaign, which produced yet another inconclusive result […]

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Apr 22 2008

PA Results

8:25 PM: Everyone is racing to dump the exit polls. Jim Geraghty has the most interesting reporting on exit polls claiming Drudge got them backwards when he posted 52% Clinton 48% Obama. He also reports Obama winning blue color, Reagan democrats – which is opposite from what has been reported in the exit polls. Looks […]

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Apr 22 2008

Its Sucks To Be Sadr

The news for Mookie is getting worse and he is making some dumb moves which will only hasten his downfall. First off Gateway Pundit has the news Sadr has been disowned by his family. Clearly he doesn’t have the Sadr family on his side anymore after his actions. Alseyed Josef Alsadar a member of the […]

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Apr 22 2008

Pakistan PM Refutes Blackmail By Terrorists In Tribal Areas

I posted yesterday on news that the Taliban/Tribes in Pakistan were demanding the right to ‘live in peace’ in the tribal areas of Pakistan as long as they could maintain their war on America and the West. Peace would be only with the Pak government. It was a ridiculous requirement which included a lot of […]

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Apr 22 2008

Iraqis Turning In Mahdi Army Fighters

Seems Sadr’s Mahdi Army may not have a lot of support in the Iraqi population after all: IA soldiers discovered a weapons cache in 2 vehicles during Op Charge of the Knights in the Al-Quibla district of Basra, April 19. Acting on a tip from an Iraqi citizen, the IA soldiers found ordnance in the […]

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Apr 22 2008

al-Qaeda Cries For Help In Iraq

Two stories that definitely go together. First is a story on the pounding al-Qaeda has taken in Iraq as they are being hunted down and pushed out by Iraqis and the US: Between mid-March and mid-April, al Qaeda suffered major losses in Iraq. American and Iraqi troops killed or captured 53 al Qaeda leaders. These […]

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Apr 22 2008

Adult Stem Cell Producing Many Results

Those new to this site might no have been keeping up with my position on embryonic stem cell research and how I find it another example of snake oil chicanery. I have a BS in biology and understand the challenges of decoding the myriad factors required to turn on/off genes so they can express themselves […]

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Apr 22 2008

PA Predictions

Assuming Drudge has it right with Clinton’s internal polls showing an 11 point lead, and assuming the boost in voter registration is not favoring one candidate too much (and why should it be?), then I would say Clinton is going to have a very good day today. But I don’t think anything will be settled […]

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