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Jun 30 2007

50 Miles Or 50 Years

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I had a bit of a milestone today. Last spring we taught the twins how to ride their two wheel bikes and began doing short bike trips on the paths around our area. Midsummer of ’06 we were biking to downtown Herndon for ice cream at Dairy Queen. I was amazed the girls at 6 […]

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Jun 29 2007

Two Suspicious Cars In London

In addition to the actual car bomb found in Picadilly there seems to be

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Jun 29 2007

GOP As Popular As Amnesty Bill

Updates Below Think America wants the GOP shoved down their throats any more than the immigration bill? Apprently it is a worthwhile question now that they are as popular as the immigration bill: FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll. June 26-27, 2007. N=900 registered voters nationwide. MoE ± 3. LV = likely voters. Except where noted, results […]

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Jun 29 2007

al-Qaeda Continues To Lose Ground In Iraq

The only good news we have right now is al-Qaeda’s bloody brutality has caused the Muslim street in Iraq to rise up and take side with us as we fight al-Qaeda: Sunni militias that once fought U.S. troops are now seeking to join them, frustrated by al Qaeda’s influence in parts of Baghdad, a U.S. […]

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Jun 29 2007

I Would Check For Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Material In Car Bomb

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The streets surrounding the car bomb incident are eerily familiar to those who followed the Litvinenko saga last fall and this spring. But there are also parallels to the terrorist ring the UK recently rounded up as well: The potentially devastating attempted car bomb attack today is a disturbing echo of the plans of master […]

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Jun 29 2007

Remember When All We Had To Do Was Enforce The Laws?

Like all good PR campaigns that are meant to create a mob-mentality approach, the sound bite is employed to make a complex issue seem so simple – even a caveman could do it. The truth is, sound bites are usually misleading or out and out lies. Seems we have been lied to – we can’t […]

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Jun 29 2007

Dafydd Tries To Salvage The GOP’s Soul

Dafydd over at Big Lizards is trying to save the GOP from the fallout of its disaster on the immigration bill. Laudable idea. Completely useless though. This is what Hispanics hears plenty of over the last couple of months from the underbelly of the GOP: I’m with you. Round them ALL up and toss their […]

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Jun 29 2007

Witch Hunting Democrats, Impotent Republicans

Our nation is being led by a lousy bunch of power hungry idiots. Somehow America has allowed our meddling news media to make running for office so arduous the best among us are not participating, leaving us with hypochondriacs and obsesive-compulsives. The DC swamp (and the surrounding news media) are in full summer stench. The […]

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Jun 29 2007

Baquoba Now Controlled, Diyala Being Liberated

The Surge has completed much of its first phase objectives – to clear key areas of al-Qaeda. Anbar Province has remained quiet as Diyala Province, especially its capitol city Baquoba, is in the last stages of clearing out al-Qaeda: With almost no hostile fire reported in days, combat operations are winding down. The focus of […]

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Jun 29 2007

Iran Running Out Of Gas

It seems President Ahmedinejad and his littel Napolean complex may have screwed up royally, unless Iran has a fleet of nuclear powered cars hanging around somewhere: Unrest spread in Tehran on Thursday, the second day of gasoline rationing in oil-rich Iran, with drivers lining up for miles, gas stations being set on fire and state-run […]

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