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Jan 27 2010

The DC Insanity Takes Hold Of The President

They claim there is something in the water here in DC, has been for decades. Something that turns normal, well meaning human beings into arrogant idiots (a nasty combination if there ever was one). It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it happens to a lot them. The Watergate idiocy, Clinton’s intern problem, congressional bribes and […]

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Jan 19 2010

MA Special Election Results

It’s over – Brown is the next Senator of Massachusetts! It is We The People’s Day!!!! UPDATE: Tweets reporting Coakley CONCEDES!!! Update T+80 min: 69% reporting and Brown still leads 53-46% Update T+70 min: 65% 60% reporting, Brown up by 7, Patrick Ruffini calls it for BROWN! Update T+60 min: Gardner, another bell weather location, […]

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Jan 19 2010

First MA Exit Polls? – NO! Just A Web Trick To Gain Traffic

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I should have realized those numbers looked familair – these are those bell weather poll numbers from Sunday. I really hate liars and have no time to check out each post. I have no idea regarding the credibility of these exit polls, so take them with a grain of salt and do not relax or […]

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Jan 18 2010

MA Bellweathers: Brown 55% – Coakley 40%

If the MA bell weather cities are any indication then Brown will win in a landslide (as I predicted): The bellwether polling, conducted Saturday, Jan. 16, and Sunday, Jan. 17, shows: • Brown (55 percent) leads Coakley (40 percent) by 15 points in Gardner. Independent candidate Joseph L. Kennedy polls 2 percent, while 3 percent […]

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Jan 18 2010

Mr. “Tingly Leg” Mathews Calls MA Race For Brown

This is just surreal – even for me (since I predicted a Brown win and a Brown blow out) Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy We surely live in interesting times. I bet a lot of liberals are getting a warm tingle down their legs today – as they […]

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Jan 18 2010

Rothenberg Calls MA Special “Takeover”

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In what has to be the equivalent of calling the MA Special Election for Brown, Stuart Rothenberg has move the race from ‘toss up’ to ‘takeover’. Rothenberg has nothing to gain by jumping the gun like this and a lot of credibility to lose if he is wrong. The only thing I can think of […]

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Jan 18 2010

Brown Blow Out?

If anybody has any video our transcript links to this I would love to see them: On Morning Joe this morning Mike Barnicle stated that he had been talking to Suffolk University pollers who had been canvassing in Massachusetts last night. They were working specifically in bellwether areas of the state to try and get a […]

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Jan 18 2010

Democrats Jumping Coakley’s Floundering Ship

Life long Democrat comes out for Brown. This is just the tip of the iceberg, since there are probably tens more who are doing it quietly without fanfare. I suspect we will see a huge surge in the “unenrolled” category in Massachusetts after this week. I bet a lot of Dems turn independent – many […]

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Jan 18 2010

Liberal Dem Reaction To MA, NJ & VA Exposes Their Achilles’ Heel

I get a lot of grief from my friends on the right when I remind them that you cannot insult the centrists and expect to win governing majorities to enact policy. When policies ideas hit The People’s House they become moderated – it is a feature of this great nation. People with hardened or extreme […]

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Jan 17 2010

MA Special Election Poll Summary

Poll Updates Below! All you need to know about the Coakley-Brown race is in this graph from Pollster.com (takes time to load – be patient!). This composite of all the polls for the race show what happened. Right after the end of the year, when Democrats rammed through their Frankenstein Monster of a health care […]

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