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Apr 25 2008

Brand New Iranian Weapons Show Up In Iraq

Clearly the Iranian flow of weapons into Iraq and to the Mahdi Army continues apace, and may even be increasing as brand new systems are being discovered in the hands of insurgents: he US military says it has found Iranian-made mortars, rockets and explosives in Iraq bearing recent date stamps, the Wall Street Journal reported […]

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Apr 25 2008

Latest Taliban & al-Qaeda Efforts In War On Terror Fail Miserably

With al-Qaeda losing its last grip on Iraq – as it is being pushed out of that country by an alliance of Sunnis and Shia rising up against al-Qaeda, aided by US forces – the areas al-Qaeda can operate from in relative safely are shrinking fast. As I pointed out the other day the Taliban […]

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Apr 25 2008

Sadr Crumbles As Basra Breathes Freedom

Welcome Real Clear Politics Readers! When the Sadr-Maliki story first broke during the initial push into Basra I noted something was distinctly missing from the news about Maliki’s failed efforts and Sadr’s grand victory – there was no dancing in the streets in response to the news stories? There were no cheers for Sadr, no […]

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