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Mar 13 2017

Congress Wants Evidence On Illegal Surveillance – Here It Is!

  If Congress wants evidence of illegal surveillance of “Team Trump” I have the answers. But first, please note the deliberate and specific subject of this sentence. The evidence will be about “Team Trump: which includes the Trump Campaign and its associates (i.e., “associates” = all those US Person not formally on the campaign but […]

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Dec 16 2011

Washington DC Dangerously Out Of Control

It seems we have not learned our lesson yet on how badly out of control the federal government is. You’d think we would have learned from ObamaCare and the Frank-Dodd-Morgtage debacle how shoddy (but always ‘well meaning’) legislation can wreak havoc when it finally becomes law, policy, processes and procedures. The Frank-Dodd-Morgtage disaster is a […]

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Dec 21 2008

True Conservatism Is Truly Losing It, And The Nation

The ‘true conservatives’ have not only lost the Congress in 2006, and the Presidency in 2008, they are on a path to losing it all the way. They look at the loss of moderate McCain to (what now seems to be moderate) Obama and make the ridiculous claim that those evil moderates cannot win (while […]

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Nov 15 2008

‘True’ Conservatives are Truly Clueless

I was trying to write a post on man-made global warming, the fact it has been proven to be a myth and the enormous financial damage the liberals are going to do on a global scale chasing a fool’s errand, when I came across another one of those examples of a far right conservative who […]

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Nov 14 2008

Bush Leaves Office With Bin Laden And al-Qaeda Severely Wounded

The democrats are lucky. All they need to do is make sure they continue to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan and help Pakistan clear out the last remaining Islamo Fascists hold up in their northern tribal regions – then plan the victory parades. They will arrogantly claim they ended the Iraq war (hopefully in victory if […]

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Nov 04 2008

Good News For McCain

So far Obama only has won VT and McCain has won KY and WV. Amazingly a lot of states are just too close to call, including VA, NC, SC, NC, GA, OH, and IN. Well, we know Obama is not ahead +15% as the lopsided national polls claimed. What we have here are conflicts between […]

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Oct 29 2008

PUMAs As Allies

I am an ex-democrat conservative, which puts me in great company with the likes of Ronald Reagan,  and others. To have once been a die-hard Democrat is to understand the left and be able to emphasize (not necessarily agree) with their views. To be a conservative independent is to understand the left is not always […]

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Oct 28 2008

McCain’s Internal Polls Looking VERY Good

McCain has allowed some of the campaign’s internal poll information to come out to the public – probably to give hope and energy to his base and generate some news.  I am sure both objectives will be achieved. Here are the more interesting tidbits: The campaign is functionally tied across the battleground states … with […]

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Oct 27 2008

3rd Early Voting Indicator National Polls May Be Way Off – Now 4th!

Major Update: DJ Drummond (another poll skeptic like me) has discovered another indication that the poll weighting of party for party ID are nonsensical and Obama may be in some serious trouble. Before I get to DJ’s analysis I want to address comments about early voting typically being led by Republicans. While true, early voting […]

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Oct 15 2008

The “Traditional” Turnout Model Is Turning On Obama

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America! Here’s the key to this presidential election – turnout! Has Governor Palin ignited a quietly determined grass roots anti-DC wave? If you look at her crowds she gets on the stump the answer is ‘yes‘ – they rival Obama’s. If you look at the viewership […]

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