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Nov 07 2016

Late Breaking FL Poll Raises Alarm Bells For Clinton

Earlier today Drudge had up an alert on how Florida’s Early Voting datas howed Trump performing better than Romney (the same data I have been using for weeks now). I linked to the alarm in an update to my latest Florida Early Voting post this morning. In that alert Drudge also pointed to a new […]

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Nov 07 2016

Colorado Early Voting 11_07_16: Dem Turnout Cratering

Source of this data is here. In my last post on November 4th, I noted that the Democrat Early Voting  numbers were dropping off, while the GOP voting remained steady and the remaining groups (dominated by unaffiliated voters – a.k.a. “Independents”) where growing. Colorado does not release their results over the weekend Quinolones, e.g. completion, […]

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Nov 07 2016

FL Early Voting 11_07_16: GOP Voting Drops Off, But Independents Continue Strong

Update: Drudge confirms my analysis that Trump is in far less of a voting hole in Florida than Romney was the day before the election in 2012: FLORIDA SHOCK: TRUMP OUTPERFORMS ROMNEY BY 130,000 IN EARLY VOTING! Mon Nov 07 2016 12:03:12 ET **World Exclusive** Data obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT shows presidential underdog Donald […]

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Nov 06 2016

FL Early Voting 11_06_16: Dems Have Great Saturday, Does Not Move Overall Numbers

As usual, the source for this data is here. The Democrats had a great Saturday, mostly because the GOP In-Person vote dropped off significantly, not due to a major shift in Dem performance. The good news for Trump is the Unaffiliated (Independent) voters maintained their pace, which helped keep the overall numbers locked in. As […]

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Nov 05 2016

FL Early Voting 11_05_16: Dems Squeak Out To Tiny Lead

The Democrats have finally overtaken the GOP in Florida with the final vote tallies. This was due to a strong showing Friday. Dems lead the GOP by 7,280 ballots. They lead the In-Person vote by 2.5% while the GOP leads the Mail-In vote by 2.9%.  The In-Person voters have outnumbered the Mail-In voters on a […]

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Nov 04 2016

Colorado Early Voting 11_04_16: Dem Voter Turnout Dropping

The source of this data his here. As we go into the final weekend before election day, we have some very interesting numbers in the Colorado Early Voting tallies. The Dems had jumped out to a big lead as a percentage of votes cast in the beginning. But they have been slowly dropping off as […]

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Nov 04 2016

FL Early Voting 11_04_16: All Tied Up!

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The source for this data is here There are only 3 days of In-Person early voting left in Florida (ends Nov 6th). The In-Person voting surpassed the longer running Mail-In voting in terms of total votes 2 days ago, on November 2nd. Today, heading into the home stretch, the number of GOP ballots submitted and […]

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Nov 03 2016

Colorado Early Voting Shows Democrat Drop-Off 11_03_16

The source of this data is here It is a total coincidence that I decided to unveil another Early Voting metric in a battleground state the same day a new poll comes out in that state showing the same trend: KUSA – The race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is tied in Colorado. That’s […]

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Nov 03 2016

Where We Stand With The General Election Nov 11, 2016

I had stopped looking at the General Election polls back on October 24th. Mainly because there were so many and also because I ran out of cycles because of a delivery on my day job. But let’s check back in and see where things stand – just a snapshot of the average support for Clinton […]

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Nov 02 2016

FL Early Voting 11_02_16: GOP Extends Small Ballot Lead

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The source of this data is here. The trends continue, each day the GOP builds on their lead in ballots submitted for early voting in Florida. Today that lead expanded from 15,926 to 17,456. More importantly, the GOP In-Person voting is slowly beginning to equal Dem ballots. As I have said since I began this […]

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