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Jun 25 2014

Obama’s VA Killed Nearly As Many Soldiers As Afghan War, Per Year

Addendum: Let me head this off up front.  While the total number of soldiers dying (on average) in Afghanistan is 139 per year and on VA waiting lists is “over 100” per year, the percent dying will tilt in favor of the VA who should see more soldiers each year than Afghanistan does. With that […]

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Apr 20 2007

Cho’s Motives Still Unknown

We all know a person has to be very disturbed to plot and act to kill so many people. CNN is reporting over 200 bullets were shot by Cho from 17 clips. The man was definitely well equipped. But there are other issues the media is not getting out to the public very well (though […]

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Apr 19 2007

More Ishmael References

There are some more references out on the “Ishmael” identity Cho Seung-Hui used. I am starting to move towards reader Crosspatch’s theory it could be associated with “Prairie” by James Fenimore Cooper – if it is a literary reference: James Fenimore Cooper’s novel “The Prairie” has a character named Ishmael Bush who symbolically tries to […]

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Apr 19 2007

More Copycats

Sadly, whatever Cho Sueng-Hui’s motivations he is basically getting his wish. The news media is running with his videos and manifesto. That part is an irritating necessity. How do you get the word out and make clear the conditions around a national tragedy without it. We did the same on 9-11. But it is also […]

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Apr 18 2007

“Ismail” Sent Package To NBC

The Manifesto is going to shed a lot of light on the killer Cho Sueng-Hui – aka Ismail. Cho had “Ismael Ax” (or something similar) on his arm, he signed his rantings with Ishmael (or somer similar spelling) and apparently the package sent to NBC came from “Ismail” in Blacksbuirg, VA. I know a lot […]

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Apr 18 2007

Cho Manifesto – All Of It Premeditated

Word is breaking that Cho Seung-Hui took the time between the shootings to send out a ‘manifesto’ to NBC News as part of his planned attack on the VA Tech student body. While people keep noting he was unstable and emotionally isolated, the fact is those conditions can drive someone into the wrong crowd and […]

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Apr 18 2007

Mentally Ill Cannot Buy Handguns

The other news out today is Cho Seung-Hui was determined to be mentally ill in a court means he should not have been able to buy handguns. While being mentally ill is not reason to have him booted from school, it would seem VA’s process for flagging people as unable to buy guns is broken, […]

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Apr 18 2007

First Killings Not Over Love

As I posted earlier it is clear that Cho Seung-Hui had no ‘relationship’ with Emily Hilscher, the first person murdered on Monday, and therefore his attack on her in the early morning cannot be automatically laid down to a lover’s quarrel, or even a stalking event – yet: Heather Haugh, 18, who had been off […]

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Apr 18 2007

Cho Seung-Hui Not A Christian?

It seems Cho’s note will be quite enlightening when it comes out (and I think it should come out soon unless it is evidence in an investigation). It seems he rants against religion and rich girls, and we learn from reporting his religion was not Christianity, which I believe is the predominate religion of South […]

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Apr 18 2007

Ismails Ax III

The enigma of “Ismail’s Ax”, scrawled on the arm of the killer responsible for the deaths of 32 people at VA Tech is rapidly turning into a stubborn puzzle. The Chicago Tribune has this to report on their search for a possible meaning to the phrase: One theory spreading across the Web speculates that it […]

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