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Apr 11 2008

Sadr Told To Disarm By Shiite VP

I love cruising the terrorist supporting sites when they put up pure propaganda and think it is going to convince anyone with two brain cells to rub together (and that probably excludes the SurrenderMedia which were duped on the Sadr-Mahdi Militia issue from day one). For example we have this pro-terrorist site saying Sadr simply […]

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Apr 11 2008

Is America A Nation Of Defeatists Or Ever Hopeful Fighters?

Margaret Carlson, die hard founding member of the liberal SurrenderMedia, is starting to wake up and see how the race for President will unfold, and why the dems have no chance of winning. She realizes that the race depends on your view of America, and your view of where you want to see it go: […]

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Apr 11 2008

What’s Up With The Airlines? Maybe FAA Payback For Libelous Claims

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Before I go on a wild speculation run that would make a liberal conspiracy theorists proud I must say safety in the commercial airlines is critical. I fly all the time, my family flies – we want the safest planes humanly possible and for decades the airlines and the FAA have produced the safest form […]

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