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Apr 06 2008

Run Condi, Run!

Man, if I had one wish this year it would be for Condi Rice to run as VP (and hopefully President in 2012). I find her to be one of the sharpest people in DC, and totally not run by polls or talking heads. She is a lot like Bush, but clearly with her own […]

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Apr 06 2008

Moqtada al-Sadr Isolated In Iraq, Some Fear US Will Teach Iran A Lesson

Major Update: I note in the post below from this morning how Iraqis have decided to side with Prime Minister Maliki and authorize the government to dismantle radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s militias. I proposed one reason this was happening was due to the heavy hand of Iran and its role in giving Sadr support and […]

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Apr 06 2008

Again We See The End Of Man-Made Global Warming

Never predict the end of the world unless you are absolutely sure it is coming. Because when it doesn’t come you are deemed (correctly) a crack pot who tried to scare people to make yourself more important that you would be without the big scary prediction. The snake oil salesmen of Man-Made Global Warming had […]

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Apr 06 2008

Iraqi Forces Rescue 42 Kidnapped Students In Northern Iraq

To illustrate the declining capability of terrorists in Iraq one only need look at how fast Iraqi forces were able to respond to the kidnapping of students in Northern Iraq in what was believed to be another cowardly act by al-Qaeda forces there: Iraq’s security forces freed a group of 42 male university students, who […]

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Apr 06 2008

Obama Ditches Anti-War Left

I know a lot of people have imprinted their own hopes and fantasies on Barack Obama, and I can tell as reality peaks out from behind Obama’s well oiled PR charade there will be a huge let down on the left. Case in point today – Obama folds under McCain’s pressure and smacks down the […]

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Apr 06 2008

Oh Pullease! NY Times Off In Their Walter-Mitty Fantasy World Again

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The NY Times has shown once more why they don’t get America. They don’t even get reality. They live in a Walter Mitty fantasy world were they are God’s most blessed creatures, alone equipped to save the planet. The story of Walter Mitty is a very important one because it teaches us how to control […]

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