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Apr 14 2008

Memo To Terrorists: We Are Sending Spies To Watch You! Signed, Lord Monty Python

Sometimes you just have to wonder at the cluelessness of some organizations. This is especially common when the organizations involved are government entities trying to protect their nation and the news media seemingly oblivious to how ridiculous they are being. Case in point: why would any government agency let the news media publicly tell terrorist […]

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Apr 14 2008

Updates On The War On Terror 04_14_08

Some interesting news on the war front in Pakistan and Afghanistan. One piece that caught my eye was an LA Times article that claims this is the year to finally get Bin Laden. It notes the drop in support for al-Qaeda and their ilk in Pakistan and Afghanistan as the key change that could expose […]

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Apr 14 2008

Obama Was Right For Wrong Reasons

Is America bitter with government. Hell yes, look at the polls. Is America bitter because government doesn’t provide all we need? Hell, no. Few people want handouts, and fewer want bureaucrats meddling with their lives, which is the price of handouts. And for those who believe all the BS pols spout about what they will […]

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