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Apr 24 2008

al-Qaeda Becoming The Enemy Of Islam, Not the Future Of Islam

We have seen a Muslim backlash against al-Qaeda building for over a year now. It began in the Anbar Province of Iraq, where Iraq Sunnis made the fatal decision to ally with the Islamo Fascists of al-Qaeda. The resulting atrocities and brutality inflicted by al-Qaeda to cow the Iraqis created such a backlash the Sunnis […]

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Apr 24 2008

Mahdi Forces Try And Strike Back, Fail Miserably

It is almost sad to see how pathetically weak Sadr’s rag tag militia is against the professional and well trained US and Iraq forces. The vaunted Mahdi Army apparently is an impotent force that falls well short of all the hand wringing concern from the SurrederMedia. Checkout how badly the Mahdi did just yesterday: In […]

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