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Apr 08 2008

Surrendercrats’ Denial Of Progress In Iraq Is Truly Infantile

How can any serious adult look at the shrinking footprint of al-Qaeda in Iraq and claim there is no progress there since The Surge and The Awakening swept Iraq and turned al-Qaeda from being Islam’s future in Iraq to al-Qaeda being an enemy of Islam in Iraq? (H/T Michael Goldfarb and the originals up at […]

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Apr 08 2008

More Evidence Global Warming Is Gone

Two points to take from all the backpedalling and caveating in this BBC report on Global Climate. First, all the variations seen in the last decade are within the margin of error – in other words the annual temperatures are statistically identical: While Nasa, the US space agency, cites 2005 as the warmest year, the […]

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Apr 08 2008

Too Funny

I have to give this site some free advertisement because this is just too funny to pass up for this fan of the 3 Stooges:

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Apr 08 2008

Repulsive Display By Surrendercrats In Congress

Well, it looks like the Surrendercrats in Congress have decided to be manipulated by the agents of evil in the Middle East again. It really is a repulsive spectacle to see our leaders carrying the water for fanatic Islamist extremists. They are simply puppets be choreographed by with the help of the SurrenderMedia. Here is […]

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Apr 08 2008

Is Liberal Media Playing Sadr’s Dupes Again?

OK, who wants to believe at face value a Sadr spokesman’s claim that the Shiite clerics, including Grand Ayatollah Sistani (who is on the record opposing militias), have told Sadr to keep his militias and continue the bloodshed of the Shiites in Iraq? Well, CNN did: raq’s top Shiite religious leaders have told anti-American cleric […]

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Apr 08 2008

Syria Home Of Saddam’s WMDs?

The blogosphere is humming with anticipation that an upcoming US-Israeli report on the Israeli attack on a Syrian nuclear weapons facility is tied to the fact Saddam moved his WMDs to Syria (a sister Baathist regime) prior to the US invasion: An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian […]

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Apr 08 2008

Sadr Fails In Creating Uprising, Cancels Protests, Completely Boxed In

Moqtada Sadr woke up this morning to a nightmare. He had once planned to take over Iraq (possibly for his Iranian masters) and dreamed of a million man march in Shia dominated cities. He was going to lead masses of supporters to throw out the American and establish a islamic dictatorship. At least that’s my […]

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Apr 08 2008

This Year Global Climate Has Nothing To Do With … Global Climate Change

The ‘experts’ on global climate change (the ones who think it is all driven by man’s activities) have decided that 2008 doesn’t count. They have decreed this year’s global climate has nothing to do with Global Climate. You think I jest? The world will experience global cooling this year, according a leading climate scientist. … […]

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