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Jun 29 2012

Chief Justice Roberts’ Mad Contortions

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All I can say about yesterdays ruling from the USSC is we now know for sure the only way to fix our economy and country is to dismantle the federal behemoth.  I don’t have a clue what drove Roberts to apparently switch is vote and let stand a ‘punishment’ tax for not procuring a specified […]

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Jun 28 2012

Obamacare Goes Down Today? No!

Update: Here it comes! The Affordable Care Act stands??? Good bye America, I barely knew you. Now we need Romney more than ever… – end update I am in meetings this morning and will not be able to post immediately on the news, but there seems to be a consensus view that Obamacare will be […]

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Jun 26 2012

The Nail In George Zimmerman False Claims

This post extends analysis I did in a previous post. There has been a lot of excellent analysis in the blogosphere regarding George Zimmerman’s claims about the events surrounding his killing of young Trayvon Martin. Analysis clearly in line with the results of the police investigation and the prosecution’s case. While there are many discrepancies throughout […]

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Jun 24 2012

Crime Scene Proves Zimmerman Covering Up A Different Story

I now understand why the charge against George Zimmerman is Murder 2 and not Manslaughter (as I originally thought would be proper). Whatever happened that night, it is nowhere near what GZ claimed in his numerous and shifting accounts. What I discovered in crime scene photos is undeniable. GZ’s lame attempts to preclude himself being […]

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Jun 22 2012

Zimmerman Faces Anonymous Witness

The information out on the Trayvon Martin case today is truly damning, and surprising. One of the more intriguing audio clips is this 45 minute ‘last interview’ between SDP and Zimmerman.  It should be noted this happened on February 29th, before the public outcries from certain political circles had really spun up. In this clip […]

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Jun 22 2012

Zimmerman’s Incoherent Statements Destroying His Defense.

Updates Below (Including A Smoking Gun) I have been reviewing the audio, written statements, video (here) and an earlier composite of events to detect inconsistencies for George Zimmerman – with sadly a lot of success (sadly for Zimmerman of course).  And I have to admit I am totally surprised to see one of my earliest […]

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Jun 21 2012

Forshadowing Obama’s 2nd Term

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Life is truly stranger than fiction, especially when it exposes the truth hidden behind the facade and PR. Take these two stories now hitting the political blogs and news sites. The first captures the futility at the core of the liberal economic theories and government trickle down: The Obama administration distributed $9 billion in economic […]

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Jun 21 2012

Lies And Cover Ups Coming Fast & Furious Now

Well the pure-as-the-driven-snow Obama administration has pretty much lost the election with their “transparently” dumb efforts to hold onto power past the 2012 election. After years of claiming the President “knew nothing” about Fast & Furious, Obama has to bogusly claim Executive Privilege in order to cover up for either himself, AG Holder or both. […]

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Jun 19 2012

How Obama-Pelosi-Reid Broke The Trust In Government Solutions

It was only a matter of time. As our federal government bloated outward under liberal naivete regarding the true source of societal growth, evolution, innovation and progress, it was only a matter of  time. In the silly liberal world view, these attributes of society come from bureaucrats who are supposedly devoid of human foibles, and […]

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Jun 14 2012

What Does Judge Lester Know About George Zimmerman We Don’t Know?

I have been crystal clear about why I think George Zimmerman is guilty of at least manslaughter when he gunned down an unarmed Travyon Martin (and for all those who wanted to see the evil teenager who needed to be killed, I oblige above with a picture to haunt your souls). The early indications we […]

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