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Jul 31 2012

My Personal Favorite Olympian For 2012

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I have discovered a new role model for our young girls: Missy Franklin. Her story is one of Middle America shunning the lime light and promises of money (for now). I loved her back story (fixed and updated link), how she decided to stay with her coach, her family, her friends and her school. I […]

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Jul 29 2012

Berkley Players’ Theater Of The Absurd

Lord Mockton does a scientific smack-down on the apparent PR stunt that is the Berkley Earth Surface Temperature Project.  The BEST Project is devoid of science and full of theater for the scientifically challenged. In an absurd announcement this weekend, the man playing the lead role as an AGW skeptic-turned-IPCC-groupie, Professor Muller has concluded his […]

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Jul 28 2012

Olympic Opening: Cheers London, Boo NBC!

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Just watched the Olympic opening and I was very impressed. I do have to wonder about some aspects (like the smoke stack backdrop to the modern era). There is so much more the UK and Great Britain could celebrate – but OK, no big deal.  The themes were good, the stagecraft good, the pace excellent […]

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Jul 26 2012

Liberal Ignorance On Display: We The People Built This Nation

Update: Too funny. Apparently even before Obama’s success-envy snark he was losing support among those who create jobs:  U.S. business owners’ approval of President Barack Obama fell in the second quarter of 2012 to 35%, essentially tying farmers and fishers for the lowest approval among major occupational groups. No wonder there is a need for […]

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Jul 25 2012

Obamacare Wipes Out Existing Health Care Plans

In case anyone does not understand the real implications of Obamacare, the fact is it is so confusing, so convoluted and backed by federal threats of laws suits, fine, etc that most businesses – especially small businesses – will drop their coverage and dump everyone on the government dole. Therefore this study is way too […]

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Jul 24 2012

What Is This Man Thinking?

Did I Say That?! Jaw dropping: “Just like we’ve tried their [the GOP] plan, we tried our plan — and it worked,” he [President Obama] added later in the speech.  “That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election.  That’s why I’m running for a second term.” Obama made these comments in Oakland, where the […]

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Jul 24 2012

What Do California & Italy Have In Common?

Both Italy and California experience that wonderful Mediterranean Climate that people wish to live in. And they both produce some of the world’s finest wine, as well as being renown tourists magnets. But they also are two of the areas in which leftist, socialist policies have made financial promises the tax base just cannot support, […]

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Jul 23 2012

Fly By: Sorry For No Posts

My apologies to everyone who looks forward to reading my trivial thoughts on the great issues of the day. This has been a brutal week of meetings, a big corporate function, ferrying kids across the state, a family reunion and a bad cold that turned into an infection. I have been operating on the very […]

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Jul 19 2012

Congress: High Paying Job With No Responsibilities Or Consequences

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Congress is one of a few jobs that will allow you to screw up or just not do any work without any consequences or responsibility for their actions. Congress goes on vacation instead of doing their job again! When are the people of this country going to stand up and say “Enough is Enough!” “Do […]

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Jul 16 2012

How Will Witness 9 (GZ’s Molested Cousin) Effect TM Charges?

Well, a bombshell dropped in the George Zimmerman trial for Murder 2 for the killing of young Trayvon Martin: A relative of George Zimmerman claims she was molested by him when they were both children, the latest allegation in the case against the former neighborhood watch volunteer charged in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. […]

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