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Nov 08 2016

The Left’s Pathetic “Ground Game” Grasping

Update: This is how you fool the dupes – just dangle some graphs in front of them which ignore the 62% of the voters and focus in on 9% contacted (but are the Clinton votes?) to find redemption! Note they failed to mention that 62% who got out on their own on … Hot Air??? […]

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Jan 31 2009

Moderate Man Of Steele Takes RNC Helm, New GOP Emerging

  There is hope for the GOP, it has turned another corner and is back on a positive track. The GOP has begun the necessary process of ‘purifying’ itself from the unreliable far right (or ‘true conservatives’) who spend more time insulting fellow conservatives who don’t toe their line than making conservative progress in manageable […]

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Jun 20 2007

GOP Losing ’08 Presidential To ALL Democrat Alternatives

How bad is the self destruction of the GOP over immigration? For the first time a poll shows any Democrat, including John Edwards, is able to beat any Republican in head-to-head matchups: Gallup: Edwards 50 – Giuliani 45 RCP Avg: Edwards +1.4% Gallup: Edwards 50 – McCain 44 RCP Avg: Edwards +0.3% Gallup: Edwards 61 […]

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Jan 05 2007

Democrats Complete First Item On Their Contract With Al Qaeda – Surrender Iraq

Well, there go those crazy democrats again! Newly in control they have overstepped the election results and are back on their “surrender to Al Qaeda at any cost” idiocy. They even pretend to want to succeed as they call for clear failure: “We want to do everything we can to help Iraq succeed in the […]

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Nov 20 2006

Democrats And Media Dump Liberal Base

Now that the Dems have won Congress, it seems they are already dumping their liberal base – now that they gave them the power the Dems wanted. Too funny, and it needs no commentary from me. Kos and his Kidz must be kicking themselves for being duped again.

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Nov 17 2006

GOP Could Be Mortally Wounded

I have beaten the immigration issues to death, and while the debate ranges in the comment sections, it seems the far right has no capacity for compromise or seeing the views of the rest of us. RCP has one really important editorial up regarding the situation for the GOP’s future. The hardliners who decided to […]

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Nov 13 2006

Pelosi Thinks Governance Is Like Playing High School

Pelosi is really screwing up early and often. She inserted herself into the selection of the House Democrat leadership, and then to cover herself claimed Congressional leadership (who speaks for the party, expresses the party’s national views and garners support) is on par with High School politics. But the dour Republicans and worried Democrats have […]

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Nov 10 2006

Hyper Partisanship Is Dead

I noted in this earlier post that the drive for purity ion the Republican party was what allowed the Democrats to go into rural America, run as conservatives and attract the center vote. The hyper partisanship has been a complaint for a year – since Katrina – and people are fed up with it. And […]

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Nov 09 2006

The Power Of Joe Lieberman

Thank God for Joe Lieberman. He now holds the balance of the Senate in his hands. He was elected an Independent, and even the Democrats understand the stakes by retaining his seniority in the party. There is a very good chance Lieberman has or will set down the law to the dems in the Senate […]

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Nov 09 2006

Conservativism Won, Republicans Lost

I like that sentiment I have been seeing on the right side of the blogosphere because it mirrors my point. Dems rode a wave of conservative candidates to power. Conservative ballot initiatives pretty much won the day – except those which went too far too fast. The ban on abortion in SD did not succeed. […]

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