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Jul 05 2016

Clinton Cleared, Per Obama’s 2-Year Plan

If you think the whole matter of Hillary’s email abuse – and hiding her records from public view – was staged you are probably¬† brighter than the average “Political Elite”.¬† Or at least much brighter than those “Elites” would give you credit at being. Today’s headlines echo the same talking point language President Obama uttered […]

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Jan 29 2007

More Harry Reid Desert Delights

Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to be awash with incredible land deals in the deserts around Las Vegas. In 2002, Reid (D-Nev.) paid $10,000 to a pension fund controlled by Clair Haycock, a Las Vegas lubricants distributor and his friend for 50 years. The payment gave the senator full control of a 160-acre parcel […]

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Oct 13 2006

Welcome Rush Limbaugh Listeners

Update: For those (like me!) who missed the mention of Strata-Sphere on Rush today the transcript is out. – End Update I noticed a traffic spike coming from massive Google searches to finally determine from a Free Republic post that the Strata-Sphere got a mention on the first segment of Rush Limbaugh today. Perfect for […]

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Oct 13 2006

How Does Reid Get Paid Twice On Land Deal?

strong>Update: Reader SBD has lots more on Reid at this location – check it out. – End Update Hugh Hewitt is just ripping up the drive-by media by giving them a “Journalism for Dummies: Shady Land Deals” tutorial on what to look for Reid’s land-scam. One item of note is this question that may now […]

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Oct 13 2006

The Reid Kickbacks

Update:Folks, head to the comments section where long time reader SBD is working his usual magic and posting multiple real estate transactions with one Harry Reid regarding properties in NV and buyers/sellers from all over (including my home town of McLean VA). I wonder how many of these reports made it accurately into the public […]

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Oct 13 2006

Let’s Bring Clinton Into The Reid Picture As Well?

I began to note that Reid’s efforts on behalf of Del Webb in 1994 were linked in BML records to the Red Rock’s conservation proposal from Bill Clinton. I was not seeing the connection until I ran across this: “Give you Vegas for just about anything,” seems to be President Bill Clinton’s pitch. … What […]

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Oct 13 2006

McCain Connection To Del Webb

Well, this land swap deal may burst wide open. It seems John McCain was helpful in assisting Del Webb by holding up legislation so the land swap deal could come to fruition. And it seems the McCain family have had their own little strip mall deal bring in some cash: Senator McCain backed away from […]

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Oct 13 2006

Reid Pressured Strong On Tahoe Deal

Ran across this little tidbit on how hard Reid worked to set in motion his $1.1M dollar windfall. Remember this all begins with a land swap in the Lake Tahoe region, from which he gets his land purchase in Nevada, which is then rezoned to make maximum profit. When Larry Paulson went to the Las […]

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Oct 13 2006

In 2002 Reid Lambasted Land Swap Conflict Of Interests

This week we learned Harry Reid had (a) bought land that had been part of a Land Swap deal he publically backed, (b) within days after the local zoning board had overruled their own long standing resistance to change the zoning of the Ried property from residential to commercial Reid sells the property to an […]

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Oct 12 2006

Some Dems Now In Scandal Cross Hairs

Unlike the efforts to tar Dennis Hastert with the acts of Mark Foley, or to tar President Bush for the acts of Al Qaeda, the Democrats have some serious issues to face. And one of them is a long time in finally coming to a head. That would be what in the world was Sandy […]

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