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Sep 30 2013

Shut It Down

The GOP never should have made the call. I don’t care if they were bluffing, they are all in now. There is no choice – shut it down or surrender. Shut it down – and watch as nothing happens. I mean nothing. It is just like Sequestration and the Stimulus billl – all smoke and […]

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Sep 30 2013

Can Liberal News Media Save Dems In Shutdown Showdown?

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The liberal media seems to be pulling out all the stops (and exposing their inherent bias) to save Democrats from blame if there is a government shutdown. Tomorrow, the AP will cover the current spending standoff in an article that will appear across the country, likely in whatever newspaper you read. The AP’s piece, by […]

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Sep 29 2013

Why Are Obamacare Showdowns Important? So Detroit Does Not Infect All Of America!

While perusing the news on the possible (probable) government shutdown I ran across this paragraph, which crystallized for me the long term implications of what the GOP is trying to do this week in the budget battles with Obama and Reid: The two chambers are on a collision course, a standoff that could lead to […]

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Sep 17 2013

Where Does Liberalism Lead? Bankruptcy, Rot and Decay

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Where do liberal/socialistic policies end? Is it Nirvana or Death & Decay? It seems the answer to this question can be found in what once was an economic powerhouse in the heartland of America: Detroit is broke, but it didn’t have to be. An in-depth Free Press analysis of the city’s financial history back to […]

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Sep 06 2013

Syrian Strike Plans Published By ABCNews

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Really? According to ABC News, in additional to a salvo of 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from four Navy destroyers stationed in the eastern Mediterranean, the US is also planning an aerial campaign that is expected to last two days. This campaign potentially includes an aerial bombardment of missiles and long range bombs from US-based […]

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Sep 06 2013

Rush To War On Marginal Information

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It is crazy to watch President Obama and President-Wannabe Kerry – two woefully naive politicians whose shameless anti-war at-all-costs rhetoric during the Bush administration is legend – try to rattle their sabers at Syria. Talk about your stumbling and bumbling! It looks like there is a strong possibility the US is being played by Islamo […]

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Sep 02 2013

Will Congress Pull The Legs Out From Under President Obama?

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The debate in Congress over what to do about Syria is going to be interesting. If the parties stick to their core beliefs, Obama would lose as Democrats bailed on him given their anti-war obsessions. The GOP would be pushing the issue of maintaining the wrath of God on Earth over heinous crimes against humanity, […]

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