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Apr 02 2017

DNC’s Russian Hack NOT Investigated By FBI – But By DNC Contractor

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  The fantasy story line inside the Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) is that Team Trump colluded with Russia to tilt last year’s election to Trump. Of course the endless screw ups by Team Clinton, and the high level of frustration across this great land with PIC and its elites, had nothing to do with the […]

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Mar 13 2017

Congress Wants Evidence On Illegal Surveillance – Here It Is!

  If Congress wants evidence of illegal surveillance of “Team Trump” I have the answers. But first, please note the deliberate and specific subject of this sentence. The evidence will be about “Team Trump: which includes the Trump Campaign and its associates (i.e., “associates” = all those US Person not formally on the campaign but […]

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Mar 07 2017

Fake News Misleads On Obama Surveillance Of Trump

  Major Update: When crafting this long post I neglected to add one more bit of evidence that ties all these actions to the Obama White House (from The Guardian): The White House is aware of phone calls between retired lieutenant-general Michael Flynn and ambassador Sergey Kislyak, a senior US official told the Associated Press. […]

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Jan 25 2017

Trump Plays Media: Answers Their Call For Proof Of Vote Fraud

  I don’t think the Fake News Media or the Liberal Democrats are EVER going to learn not to be played by Trump. The best example in the last 24 hours was how Team Trump made the claim –  without any hard  evidence – that Trump would have won the popular vote if not for […]

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Nov 20 2016

“News” Media Stuck On Stupid, As They Circle The Drain To Oblivion

The GOP establishment tried to destroy Trump via innuendo and hyped-up falsehoods during the 2016 primaries. Their Big Smear Guns failed to dent Trump. In fact, those attacks may have given Trump a huge boost in the eye of the average voter looking for an outsider who will charge the gates of the Political Industrial […]

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Oct 28 2016

OMG – I Agree With Michael Moore!!!

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Nothing to say but – watch it

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Oct 19 2016

Recent Election Polls Show POTUS Tied Up

Update_2: OK,  here is the updated data and computations adding in two additional general election polls: Across all 7 polls HRC averaging 43.0% Trump averaging 40.3% Difference 2.7% That is clearly a tie race, and I did not remove the Bloomberg outlier.  If I do then we get HRC averaging 42.3% Trump averaging 40.7% Difference […]

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Oct 10 2016

Clinton’s Worst Debate Moment

It was a cringe-worthy moment in the debate.  The question was spot on and challenged Clinton (a politician through and through) what she meant by having a private position (global trade, open borders) and a public position (what she needs to say to get elected). And like the klutzy politician she truly is, she tried […]

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Oct 09 2016

Living Blogging The “Yuge” POTUS Debate

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10:04 PM – Sorry folks, been under the weather all day.  So far the debate is a draw or slightly towards Trump (because Clinton remains the status quo candidate in a anti-government election). The Trump Tapes have dissipated into some good discussions on real issues. So Trump survives (so far) and the media ‘sleaze guns’ […]

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Oct 09 2016

Someone At CNN Just Woke Up From Media’s Stupor

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Someone at CNN just woke up and figured out what it is about Trump and his followers: If you think this latest controversy will finally beat him, you are wrong. If you can’t understand how someone could “still” vote for Trump after all “this,” consider what makes this such an unprecedented election. This election isn’t […]

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