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Aug 31 2009

Obama And A Secure Internet

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Just wanted to dash off a quick post on a topic of much handwringing today – the supposed take over of the internet by the White House. This fire storm was lit by a poorly written, slightly hyperventilating article in CNET News. The offensive ‘reporting’ is in how the article explained cyber threats and actions […]

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Aug 28 2009

DC Liberals Imploding On Their Corruption And Lies

The liberal resurgence which was so inevitable with the 2008 elections, where the Democrats (and their liberal old dog guard in DC) took the reigns of power in DC. It looked as if America was in for years of leftward tacking. But leave it to those whacky liberals on the far left and their grade […]

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Aug 27 2009

The Passing Of Ted Kennedy, The Passing Of A Myth

Update: I was clearly not the only one who saw the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy as the end of a myth. – end update My family and myself are great admirers of John Kennedy for obvious reasons. For one, he launched mankind to the Moon to begin our exploration of the universe. That alone […]

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Aug 26 2009

Liberal Dream Of Government Rationed Health Care A Real Life Nightmare

Liberals hoping for government rationed health care (a.k.a., the ‘public option’) are in dire straights. It’s not due to the right wing message machine. It’s not because Americans too stupid to see the perfection of the made-for-TV fantasy the libs are pushing. It’s not even because Obama can’t help himself and blurt out the truth […]

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Aug 26 2009

Never Pick A Fight With Those Who Defend This Country

So the CIA interrogated madmen hell bent on massacring thousands of innocent Americans, and were able to stop attacks in progress. They should be considered heroes. Instead, President Obama needs some red meat for his left wing nut jobs to chew on since they will not be getting any government run health care this Christmas. […]

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Aug 25 2009

Obama Admits Liberal Economic Policies Are Failures

President Obama’s administration has announced (because the law demands most likely) that the liberal policies he and the libs in Congress enacted to fix the economy have failed. And fail so miserably we will be living this economic nightmare for another year – right up until the 2010 elections for Congress: U.S. unemployment will surge to […]

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Aug 25 2009

Site Problems

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Of course we are having continual site problems the same week the Stratapherians are on vacation. Sorry for the down time and the delays in getting back up. We have waited all summer for this break, so we will attempt to stay on top of it – but the beach beckons!

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Aug 24 2009

Maybe Everyone’s Just Tired Of The DC BS?

Seems the Obama administration is getting a little testy over the fact that Americans are simply not enthralled with their efforts to date. Rasmussen is showing another precipitous drop in support for our young President today, which would indicate another group of one time supporters have moved to become opponents: “Strongly Oppose” outnumbers “Strongly Supports” […]

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Aug 22 2009

David Axlerod Is An Idiot

After 8 years of President Bush and the angry conservatives change was happening. The Congress had fallen to the Dems and even the GOP primary had the nation moving away from the right. It wasn’t a question of whether the Democrats had a shot at the Presidency, it was more of who would win. So […]

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Aug 21 2009

Stimulus Package Only Working For Government Bureaucrats

It is clear now that the stimulus bill passed by the liberals in DC, which contained paltry tax cuts but massive pork spending, as not stimulated the job market as promised.  However, the bill has allowed one element of our society to go untouched by the economic downturn- government bureaucrats (and unions): While the private sector […]

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