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May 31 2010

President Obama Is Not Inspiring, Innovative Or A Leader

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On this memorial day I am torn because this day deserves to be a day of remembrance and honor to those who serve and sacrifice to protect this nation. My father is a Word War II veteran who fought in the North Atlantic, supported the invasion of North Africa and then did a tour in […]

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May 30 2010

White House’s Sestak-Memo Proves Law Was Violated

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Maybe it’s because the world is crumbling around this young and inexperienced administration, but the White House Memo on their job offer to Rep Joe Sestak is a clear admission of guilt. I have no idea who much they are paying their lawyers, but they aren’t worth a dime. Here is a key passage from […]

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May 29 2010

Sestak’s Moment Of Honesty Is Followed By A Trail Of Lies

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Representative Joe Sestak had, and I mean had, one critically important trait – he was honest. He was a retired admiral who went into politics, apparently holding his nose a bit, so he could make something positive happen. It is no surprise he leans way left, because it takes a very naive leftist to think the […]

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May 28 2010

Sestak Not The Only Incident Of WH Felonious Job Offers

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Sadly for Team Obama they have been so clumsy and crude in their Chicago Way that they have established clear evidence of the felonious act of trading jobs for political return in more than one instance. Take the Colorado Senate race for example, and this time pay was included: Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy […]

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May 28 2010

White House Admits To Sestak Offer!

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Major Update II: Here is the complete memo, with all its admissions and attempts to ‘every thing we offered Sestak was of no value’ – so why make the offer???  The offer and the desired result are clearly delineated in this passage: The White House Chief of Staff enlisted the support of former President Bill […]

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May 28 2010

Fly By 05_28_10

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Folks, work is kicking my butt! Again my apologies for not posting, though you can probably learn more from the comments than the posts! So here is a quick Fly By of articles I wanted to post about but never found the time (I may do so this weekend, so don’t be surprised to see […]

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May 25 2010

Sestakgate – Time To Come Clean Dems!

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Update: Seems Marc Ambinder has news that the person Sestak spoke to on more than one occasion about the job/bribe was Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), a friend of the President and his Chicago entourage, said that Rep. Joe Sestak, the new Democratic Senate nominee from Pennsylvania, should provide a fuller […]

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May 25 2010

The Unforgivable Actions Of President Obama

How many good people have fought and died for this country? How many bodies have been torn asunder and permanently scarred fighting for this great republic? What other group of Americans has sacrificed so much for the rest of us than our military? President Obama is going to go down in history as one of […]

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May 25 2010

Insipid Arrogance Abounds In Today’s Politics

It has become very tough to blog these last few weeks as two forces of arrogance collide in our political national theatre. The one which is most troubling is the group who which has to be deemed as the better of two lousy choices. This group is the far right. You can identify them as […]

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May 23 2010

Liberal Zealots Took Control Of America’s National Security Before Obama’s Inauguration

Updates At The End One thing that has bothered me throughout the recent incidents of terrorism inside the United States on President Obama’s watch is why more people are not raising alarm bells on how dysfunctional our national security has become? Where are those dedicated souls whose primary goal in life is protecting this nation […]

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