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Apr 18 2008

Zawahiri Claims Iraq Is A Failure

Mimicking the statements of the Surrendercrats here in the US AQ’s co-leader Ayman Zawahiri says Iraq has been a failure: Al Qaeda’s No. 2 man claimed in a new audiotape released on a militant Web site early Friday that that five years of U.S. occupation of Iraq brought only “failure and defeat,” which the Bush […]

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Apr 18 2008

AQ On Run In Iraq And Heading To Pakistan For Their Destruction

Liberals seem to be as bad with history as they are with math. Many claim we have let Afghanistan and Pakistan go wanting as we diverted our energies in Iraq. The truth is AQ designated Iraq their key battleground and shifted their resources and fighters there – where they have been decimated and cling to […]

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Apr 18 2008

al-Qaeda Leader Supports Democrat Views On Iraq

It is not a good sign when the enemies of America are saying the same thing as Presidential candidates. It means the two see common cause. So what to make of Ayman Zawahiri’s claims the US has failed in Iraq: Al Qaeda’s second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri said in an audio message to mark five years since […]

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Apr 18 2008

End Game On With Sadr Should Bring Sadr’s End

I was collecting articles on a post showing the end game coming in Iraq for Sadr and his Mahdi Army but Bill Roggio beat me to the punch today in a much better post than I was going to put together. Update

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Apr 18 2008

Gallup Fails Statistics 101

Gallup released an interesting poll showing who is wining (McCain vs Clinton/Obama) in states that Bush and Kerry won in 2006. What we see is the same as 2006, with Bush states going to McCain and Kerry states going to the dems. Here is the 2006 Bush-Kerry chart:, Note the 1% difference in all the […]

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Apr 18 2008

Only A Few Arab al-Qaeda Left In Afghanistan?

OK, I am not sure how much credence to put on this news but apparently al-Qaeda is down to its last 75 Arab fighters in Afghanistan: From many hundreds, al-Qaeda now has fewer than 75 Arabs involved in the Afghan “war on terror” theater, but the group is more lethal in that it has successfully […]

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Apr 18 2008

Watch For An Election Year Signal From Radical Islamists To Force A Surrendercrat World Disaster

After almost 7 years of war in the heart of Islam, since the attacks of 9-11 on America, America is now in the process of choosing its next President. Because the choices are stark and offer huge headaches or huge opportunities to the terrorists, the Islamo Fascists will want to send a clear signal to […]

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