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Oct 11 2012

Finally! Obama Gets Serious On Jobs

After 4 years of failing to ignite the job market through government trickle-down priming – which did keep government workers, union members and green energy flim-flam artists employed – the President has now dedicated all his energy on one key job. Apparently his entire campaign is now not just about saving his own job, but […]

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Sep 13 2012

Empty Chair Leader Runs Off To Las Vegas As Americans Suffer

Barack Obama just doesn’t care about another term. His handlers and his party are pushing him to run, but Obama knows down deep he has lost interest. The Manchurian Candidate is clearly bored and tired. Why else run to Las Vegas for a fund raiser after our Embassies have been attacked and Americans killed? Could […]

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May 07 2012

Unemployment Debacle Cannot Be Covered Up By Poor Statistics

One thing that always amazes me with the left is their idiotic drive to believe in a biased number over brutal reality.  Last week the monthly unemployment numbers came out and we are supposedly on a glide path to economic repair because the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%. The fact is the 8.1% unemployment number […]

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Sep 28 2011

Big-Government’s Failures Bringing Dems And Obama Down

Competent: Having sufficient skill [1], knowledge [2], ability [3] or qualifications [4] The concept of being competent (versus incompetent) has been lost on career politicians and bureaucrats. To them competence is optional (or maybe even coincidental). All that matters is power – i.e., how many people do your bidding, how much money are you controlling […]

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Sep 06 2011

Liberal Obamanomics Destroyed This Presidency

This was my (apparently) prescient comments from April 30th, 2009 as the liberal stimulus bill began its death spiral, taking the Democrat coalition with it as it later augered into epic failure: … the real political force in this country is moving along with the incredible and unstoppable momentum. The real political force is the […]

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Aug 11 2011


It’s official, the inexperienced and naive White House has completely run out of ideas. They have no experience in the private sector, so they have no clue how to rejuvenate our economy and create jobs. Instead they are coming out with an endless stream of sophomoric proposals more indicative of a middle school homework assignment […]

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Jul 13 2011

Our Petulant & Errant President

Barack Obama has decided to stomp his foot, hold his breathe and threaten to hurt senior citizens if he does not get his way: President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing […]

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Jul 05 2011

The Path To Prosperity Involves Millions Of Measured Cuts

It took this nation decades to run our economy aground by following left-wing fantasies about government trickle down economics, all underpinned by bureaucrat and politician superior motives and skills. Seems so laughable now that we face generations of massive debt, along with the fact everything government tries to ‘fix’ is screwed up (outside the national […]

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Jul 07 2010

President Obama Is Not A Political Wunderkid

In these days of super-slick media packaging it is too easy to hide the true essence of a person running for office. As the Democrats are now fond of admitting openly, you have to elect us (and pass our laws) before you know what you will get. Anyone remember the roman columns as “The One” […]

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Apr 28 2010

Economy Improves, But Not Because Of Deficit Spending Spree By Democrats

The economy is finally starting to show small signs of improvement, but a recent study illustrates this is not due to the mad deficit spending of the Democrats in Congress & the White House: The recovery is picking up steam as employers boost payrolls, but economists think the government’s stimulus package and jobs bill had […]

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