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May 31 2011

Great Memorial Day Weekend – For Some

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Sorry for the lack of posts but we went camping near over the weekend, with stints on Saturday and Monday in an amusement park and a trip to the beach on Sunday. All in all a great 3 day break with lots of challenges (gulley-washers, extreme heat, ant infestations) and great times. Would love to […]

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May 26 2011

Guilty: Judicial Political Activism In Wisconsin

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Weird – this was a finished post at one point?? Here is another ‘finished’ version While I and one of my siblings are engineers, much of the family hails from law – some even politics. So please don’t assume this little old rocket scientist is clueless on matters of law. What we have in Wisconsin […]

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May 25 2011

Lessons Of NY-26

Lots of good comments on the previous post on the NY-26 elevtion, but I would suggest the path forward is still clear and immutable. The GOP lost NY-26, but not by that much. And we really can’t unravel candidate issues from the quirks of special elections in general – not to mention the faux Tea […]

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May 24 2011

Message of 2012: Let The “Under 55” Decide Medicare’s Future

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NY-26 is having a special election today to fill a US House Seat. The race has been over examined to death, with the latest poll showing a measly +4% lead in a race which has to be a toss up at the moment. But it will also measure the temperature of the electorate for 2012. […]

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May 21 2011

When Arrogance Meets Petulance

It seems the most powerful man in the world is having a bit of a hissy fit today. President-Emperor Obama is once again faced with the fact that His Worshipfulness is not above the law. His Exaltedness’ illegal military actions against a country, which posed NO IMMEDIATE THREAT to America or Americans, have shown him […]

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May 20 2011

Klutzy Obama Pisses Off Key Ally

It seems Obama’s last two years in office are going to be a string of debacles, where his inner left-wing-nut-job comes to the surface and causes havoc. Pelosi and Reid cannot cover for him anymore. A President can hold some views out of the mainstream, but he needs to work the changing of minds in […]

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May 19 2011

Disgust Across The Land

Like many Americans, I am counting down the days until the next election so that we can finally turn the country around. 2010 was a huge step in the right direction, but it was never going to be enough. In 2008 our weariness with the war on terror made many of us susceptible to the […]

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May 17 2011

Toasted Newt-Romney

[Image care of Burnt Toast Blog – click image for source] It is incredible to think Mitt Romney ever thought he had a chance at being nominated the GOP Presidential candidate. Especially after the debacle that is Obamacare was forced down this nation’s throat through bribes and hyper-partisan strong arm tactics. Romneycare is just a […]

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May 16 2011

The End Of Britannia

The United Kingdom has a special place in world history. Among its most durable historic characteristics is its innovation, fighting spirit, indomitable will and drive for individual freedom. This small island nation explored the world and left its mark on many nations (UK, Canada, USA and Australia to name a few), many areas of science […]

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May 12 2011

Obamacare Fails – Big Time!

There is a striking story from the AP today, which does not seem to be getting much attention. It turns out Obamacare’s ignorant, naive and overly complex Rube Goldberg solution to ‘fix’ the best health care system on the planet has run into a major problem. It has been rejected by 90% of the premiere […]

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