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Apr 20 2008

Strata-Sphere In The Top 100 Political Blogs

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Wow, am I shocked to find this little ‘ol blog in the top 100 political blogs as ranked by We are in with some pretty hefty company there. Thanks to all you readers for making this site a success. Cheers, AJStrata

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Apr 20 2008

SurrenderMedia Scrapes To Find Defeat Against Mahdi Army

I posted recently on how the Mahdi Army is being whooped across Iraq, from Baghdad to Basra and posts in between (see here and here). Karl over at Protein Wisdom has caught the LA Times grasping for some news of US-Iraq defeat in all this victory, but having to admit to all the victory anyway: […]

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Apr 20 2008

US Has Been Actively Hunting al-Qaeda In Pakistan

Americans need to be wary of two-faced pols – OK, that sound obvious and easy but it isn’t. Pols have become quite adept at telling lies that are hard to detect or can be ‘parsed’ to mean something totally opposite (it all depends on the what the meaning of ‘is’ is – of course). One […]

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