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Mar 30 2013

Arrogant Errors In AGW Theories Do/Did Cause Harm

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Back in the 90’s Paleo Climate Science was a harmless, niche research area with a broad range of scientific and mathematical skill represented. Face it, the big scientific money in those days was not in dating ice cores, tree rings, dead animals or lake bottom mud. Top minds tended to gravitate elsewhere where there was […]

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Mar 27 2013

Obamacare Will Expand Health Care … COSTS!

Guess what! Obamacare has expanded one thing – the cost of health care for everyone! In a report that could prove a big political headache for the administration, the Society of Actuaries estimated Tuesday that insurers will have to pay out an average of 32 percent more for claims on individual health policies under the¬†Affordable […]

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Mar 26 2013

After Wasting Tax Money, Government Confiscates More Money To Fix Their Mess

I am still feeling the tax sting this year as new rates and taxes gouge our tiny company. The result – had to lay someone off. Yep, when it comes down to paying taxes or paying employees the tax man wins out. Sequestration is causing government programs to freeze up as they try and find […]

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Mar 24 2013

Sequestration Drama Queens

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Well, looks like the Obama administration is try to generate some fuax Sequestration Drama – by claiming a measly $600 million cut from $58 Billion budget (which is a paltry 1% cut, or 1 cent from every dollar) requires the closure of 150 control towers: Air traffic control towers at nearly 150 airports across the […]

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Mar 13 2013

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Nanny State!

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The title of the post, and the above image, is in reference to a silly 1960’s movie about a bunch of normal people who go berserk trying to find a hidden treasure. It portrays how greed can drive a person to heights of crazy. It is also an apt metaphor for what we see occurring […]

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Mar 07 2013

Finally, A Bipartisan Insurrection To Power Hungry DC

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I do believe there are many opportunities where left and right can agree that DC and the Federal Government is out of control and run amok. And government usually runs amok when one side force feeds the rest of us their power hungry delusions (e.g., Obamacare, Outlawing all Abortions). Don’t get me wrong, I am […]

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Mar 02 2013

Checkmate: Obama Must Cut Costs, GOP Get’s To Challenge Each Cut

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Finally, the situation that SHOULD have been in place in 2011 (after the GOP swept the house) is finally here. President Obama, due to the rules of sequestration, must now start cutting costs. And true to form, his incompetent team started cutting melodramatically – to create political theater. But the problem with this simpleton idea […]

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