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Jun 15 2005

EU Constitution Fallout

I am a bit surprised the EU nations are allowing the failure of the EU Constitution to disturb their alliances so much. You’d think they would be still able work through the EC as they have been for years now. Apparently not: The president of the executive European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, said unless the […]

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Jun 05 2005

Euro Lunacy

The EU constitution should have been abolished since it was not truly a constitution . [hat tip: polipundit] 1. A constitution has to be readable to permit a popular vote; this text is unreadable. 2. A constitution doesn’t impose a political ideology; this text is partisan. 3. A constitution is revisable; this text is locked […]

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Jun 02 2005


I have already posted on the Netherland’s vote and how it is being seen here, but David Brooks has an insightful Op-Ed that is a must read [registration required]. Here are some of the great points he lays out while he lists the economic failures in Europe, which are really failures from the same policies […]

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Jun 02 2005

‘Nee’ to EUConstitution

Not surprisingly the Dutch have rejected the failed EU constitution by large margins and with a good turn out. 63% of the population came out and by a margin of 62-38% voted no. Given the French vote last weekend it is clear Europeans are not behind the EU constitution created by EU political elitists and […]

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Jun 01 2005

EU Impacts of No Vote

The Fourth Rail has a detailed analysis of possible and maybe likely fallout from the French rejection of the EU constitution [hat tip: The Bernoulli Effect]. The cause of deeper integration may not just be stalled but could actually retreat as the heads of 25 nations must rethink a “more perfect union”. The French failure […]

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Jun 01 2005

MSM Smitten with EU

Our liberal media sometimes shows itself bright and true, like today in the Washington Post when Harold Meyerson reveals that not only does he pine for Europe over the US, but he is fairly blinded in his love. You can’t make these things up: The rejection of a more unified Europe is understandable, but from […]

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May 30 2005

France’s EU Dead, Will Another Rise Up

I think the resounding defeat in France of the flawed EU constitution was a very good thing indeed. Chirac is hopefully going to be politically crippled and some fresh conversation and debate may be possible. Some good coverage linked to at Drudgereport. What will be intersting is the difference between the EU coverage and that […]

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May 29 2005

Socialism in EU is Not Pretty

The civic response in the EU lead countries like France, Belgium and Germany to the necessity of removing failed socialist policies is sometimes striking. And what is probably a historical irony is that these socialists are about to vote down a EU constitution that would enshrine socialism into the EU for generations to come. But […]

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May 28 2005

EU’s Constitution Combustion

The EU constitution is truly a disasterous piece of work. Way too long and filled with policy – not a political and legal framework for states to work together under – it should, for the sake of Europe, be voted down. I have held off on this subject (too busy chillin’) but the pending vote […]

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