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Dec 10 2006

Greenwald Eats Crow On Foleygate

I don’t have the time or desire to go through the Foley Report and retype all the confirmations that the entire effort was a Democrat hit job supported and covered up by the media. It is one thing to protect a source, but it is another to hide the fact Democrats began shopping the Foley […]

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Oct 26 2006

Foley Blog, HRC and Trandahl

Folks, I am absolutely wiped out and heading to an early bedtime – but I will point out some interesting news on the Mark Foley email front, which I hope to expand on tomorrow. Clarice Feldman has posted at AT that the mystery blog which posted the mock ups of the emails that launched the […]

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Oct 19 2006

FoleyGate Is Falling Apart

The more news that comes out from the Ethics Committee hearings the more we see the true pattern (as opposed to the liberal mediia’s preconceptions). It does seem the cover up of Foley’s problems was between two gay GOP staffers, who probably wanted to avoid enhancing the stereotype of gays as child predators. Fordham and […]

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Oct 17 2006

Drive By Media Finally Catching Up On Foleygate

Many bloggers, including myself, were able to discern from the evidence and reporting in hand that the only people who were ‘hiding’ the Foley mess were gay staffers who were probably concerned about the terrible stereotype a gay Congressmen preying on young Pages would conjure up. But, as usual in DC, the real source was […]

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Oct 17 2006

Dem Kildee Admits Unwanted Attention To Pages Discussed By Board

The Democrats have a lot more explaining to do! It seems the Dem member of the Page board, Dale Kildee, has admitted there were discussions about the wrong kind of approaches to Pages by the Page board: Allegations of improper conduct toward teenage congressional assistants, which do not involve ex-Rep. Mark Foley, were discussed by […]

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Oct 16 2006

Why Did Fordham and Trandahl Cover For Foley?

It is clear from reporting that Foley Chief of Staff Kirk Fordham and House Clerk Jeff Trandahl were covering for Foley’s bizarre behavior. We know they had opportunity and did keep a lid on Foley’s problems. But why would they do it? The answer is in the news today which is a combination of far […]

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Oct 15 2006

More Proof Trandahl And Fordham Covered For Foley

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the incident where a drunk Foley was found outside the Page dorms was known by two people, House Clerk Trandahl and Foley Chief of Staff Fordham. In fact, it appears that out of all the people who knew of a Foley incident, these two men knew of most […]

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Oct 15 2006

A News Reporter Comes Out On Foley

Frank Davies at the San Jose Mercury News has produced an interesting, first hand recollection of Mark Foley that also shows how people who intimately knew Foley had no idea he had predatory tendencies towards minors (I am being reasonably cautious in my representation of Foley’s acts until we get something more concrete, as is […]

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Oct 14 2006

Speaking Of Foley, If His Staff Did Not Know…?

The media frenzy over Foley has created the worst case of herd mentality I have ever seen in the liberal media. The analogy to cows just followin the tail in front of them is apt in this case, because the media has lost all perspective. For example, if Foley’s staff was unaware of Foley’s acts […]

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Oct 13 2006

Harpers/Silversteen: More Democrat Fingerprints

I could care less how far Ken Silversteen of Harpers Magazine attempts to bend over backwards in order to not understand what he is writing, but since his first admission a Democrat operative was the one shopping the Foley email story from November of 2005, he has become convinced there are more Democrat fingerprints on […]

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