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Feb 28 2013

Congress Needs To Outlaw Budget-Cutting Melodrama By Bureaucrats

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This week’s stupid melodrama play from the administration – all the way to their premature (and unnecessary) freeing of 100’s of illegal aliens – gives Congress an opportunity to do something important. I mean something that will make a big difference. Here’s the problem: What is not new, however, is the impulse of officials to […]

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Feb 28 2013

Obama Cries “WOLF!”, Looks The Fool Over Sequestration

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So, what will happen in the coming weeks when the dire predictions from Sequestration fail to impress anyone outside the beltway? What will happen to all these babbling cabinet members when the skies do not fall, the floods do not come, and the end of the world does not happen? What will it be like […]

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Feb 25 2013

Call President “Chicken Little’s” Bluff

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The Obama White House has been trying to scare everyone into robbing future generations’ livelihoods through massive deficit spending now that these future generations will be saddled with paying back later. Unless this administration forces this generation to stop stealing the incomes of today’s elementary and preschool kids –¬† in other words live within their […]

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Feb 21 2013

The Mindless, Liberal, Money-Go-Round

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This is amazing. This is the essence of the Libertarian/Tea Party movement and describes how runaway government is now mindlessly moving money around, driving up the cost of living, and therefore destroying human society. The downward spiral succinctly identified here is why no one supports either party, but many citizens feel too afraid to vote […]

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Feb 16 2013

Mr. Cruz Goes To Washington

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A Tea Party/Libertarian hero may be in the making in the US Senate. Apparently, freshman Texas Sen Ted Cruz is shaking up the old dotards in America’s most dysfunctional institution: In just two months, Mr. Cruz, 42, has made his presence felt in an institution where new arrivals are usually not heard from for months, […]

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Feb 12 2013

New Forensic Analysis Makes Damning Conclusions For George Zimmerman

Update: Some commentary on other¬† sites linking here seem to be under the impression I was the one who limited the range of George Zimmerman’s elbow in the following analysis. As I stated in the post, the placement of his elbow on the ground and next to his side is Zimmerman’s testimony during questioning. It […]

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Feb 05 2013

Bring A Cartoon Gun To School Day?

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This post is not a call to toy arms. And it is not serious, it is just my knee-jerk response to blatant, rampant stupidity: A 10-year-old Alexandria boy who brought a toy gun to school on Tuesday has been charged. The boy, whose name is not being released, was charged as a juvenile with brandishing […]

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Feb 04 2013

Go Bal’mer!

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A belated but heart-felt congrats out to the Baltimore Ravens for a hard won win last night. That has to be one of the more interesting Super Bowls I have ever watched, and it was exciting down to the last 4 seconds of play! Special Congrats to Ray Lewis for a great career ending game, […]

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Feb 01 2013

Armed Guard Stops School Massacre

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Well, well – looks like the best answer to protecting our kids in schools from gun violence is actually armed guards: A student opened fire at his middle school Thursday afternoon, wounding a 14-year-old in the neck before an armed officer working at the school was able to get the gun away, police said. Multiple […]

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