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Apr 27 2008

Iran Put On Notice That It Risks Military Response From US For Proxy War In Iraq

Updated Below Evidence must be mounting that Iranians are involved with the Madhi Army in a proxy war within Iraq because the tension is ratcheting up with no one backing down. The US, clearly fed up with Iranian weapons and trained fighters attacking American and Iraqi forces, apparently has put Tehran on notice of that […]

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Apr 27 2008

Sadr And Iran Try PR On Gullible SurrenderMedia To Save Them

In another embarrassingly obvious, and childishly awkward, attempt to push a propaganda effort for the liberal SurrenderMedia to do more to save the Sadrist and Mahdi Islamo Fascists under siege in Iraq, we now have the lame claim that the US is using shrapnel-filled cluster bombs filled with Shrapnel in Sadr City: Ale Yassin, the […]

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