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Jan 25 2013

Folly of Fools (i.e., Dems On Gun Control

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Talk about your unforced errors. This entire gun control fiasco by the Dems has been a real hoot. They have completely depleted any political capital, good will, head start or grace period with Main Street USA after the 2012 elections. They went on a Fool’s Folly, and came up busted up. A proposed ban on […]

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Jan 22 2013

Obama Nation

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I have to admit, I skipped all the inaugural hype and pageantry. It is well known I am not a fan of this President’s policies, but I also recognize the fact ‘true Americans’ honor our system of elected government. And the truest test of that is dealing with the loss of your side. So I […]

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Jan 17 2013

Can Today’s Economic Disorder And Political Incompetence Lead To World-wide Violence?

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There is a worthy question in the air these days. It comes about because the extremists on all sides are going for broke and pushing everyone to the brink. Some have crudely hinted either the GOP or the Democrats are the second coming of Hitler and the Nazis. Is either side right? I think a […]

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Jan 16 2013

6 Million Served!

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Sometime early morning Monday the Strata-Sphere hit a new milestone – 6 million visits. I wish to thank all those who drop by and comment, especially the die-hards who have hung in there even since I slowed my posting pace. Hopefully we’ll all still be here scratching are heads at those crazy folks in DC […]

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Jan 14 2013

Shining City On The Hill – Is Not Congress or DC

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Ronald Reagan was famous for being the eternal optimist, and infecting a country down on itself with pride, confidence and energy to go out and live life to its fullest. He rightfully saw the American people as something special and wonderful: A City upon a Hill is a phrase from the parable of Salt and […]

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Jan 11 2013

Bloomberg & NYC Begin Slippery Slope To Death Panels

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If any American does not realize government is going to ration health care, and decide who is worthy and who is not worthy of such care, check out Nanny Bloomberg’s latest attempt at playing doctor: Yesterday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and city officials unveiled a new initiative to limit supplies of prescription painkillers in the city’s […]

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Jan 11 2013

Presidential Arrogance Is Consuming All His Political Capitol BEFORE Being Sworn In!

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Well, we all knew President Obama was bold and inexperienced. Much of his success is due to failures in his opponents to stand tall against his gutter politics (see his senate run, his primary run in 2008 his two presidential elections and the fiscal cliff battle). Now we see the classic PR stunt from this […]

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Jan 10 2013

Left Playing Dangerous Game With Talk Of Gun Control

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Interesting developments this last week on the 2nd Amendment front. Even CNN’s prissy Brit (who obviously hides behind armed guards) is ramping up is flailing ratings by getting into the mix.  Media types are so transparent – all show and ratings. But, after last month’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, his outrage boiled over. […]

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Jan 04 2013

I’ll Believe It When They Deliver – For Once

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The GOP has hit rock bottom. In DC – where its so-called ‘leaders’ are knighted –  the GOP has gone native and become a slight variant on the spend-mad democrats. The reality of the 2011 debt ceiling and 2013 fiscal cliff fiascoes have made that crystal clear. Even though Speaker Boehner is mouthing the right […]

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Jan 03 2013

DC’s Big Mistake: Assuming American Voters Are Selfish

I am sure the wizards of Congress have their noses up in the air, wondering how anyone could do better than they did now that the so-called fiscal cliff is behind us. But of course, the reason the ‘deal’ is so offensive to Main Street and the GOP base (which is now on the hunt […]

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