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May 21 2012

Birther Nonsense Poisons 2012 Election

Boy, if you want to help President Obama win reelection, one of the best ways to do so is to park your brain and go full Birther – ignoring all other critical issues facing this country. The state of Hawaii has responded to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett’s request for proof that President Barack […]

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Apr 28 2011

Who Won Birther Debacle?

There are three main groups at play in the Obama-Birther nonsense. So who won and who lost the last news cycle? (3) The Birthers: No doubt the big losers. They are being (rightfully) ridiculed in the media. Like Trig-mongers who attack Sarah Palin, the Birthers missed the memo on how Americans are fed up with […]

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Feb 09 2010

Conservatives Deserve Serious Leaders

In a follow up to my post on how the fringe right is trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement I want to applaud this piece on Birther nonsense: The “we’re just asking questions” rationale seems to be the explanation du jour for the tiresome and self-destructive continuing “Birther” fixation of some journalists who purport to […]

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Aug 05 2009

Birthers Helping President Obama & Liberal Democrats Dodge Responsibility For Their Policy Failures

  The Birther fools out there are making any real opposition to the failed liberal policies of President Obama and the liberal old guard in Congress a laughing stock. The angry-mob style protesters who have infiltrated town halls around the country are the non-organic product of “tea-baggers,” “birthers,” and the conservative fringe, two Senate Democratic […]

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Dec 05 2008

Will USSC Drive A Stake Through The Cult Of The COLB?

The US Supreme Court is considering one of many silly lawsuits questioning Obama’s US Citizenship – which I addressed for a while before boredom and good dose of bewilderment set in with the Cult of The COLB (aka, Certificate Of Live Birth). In the face of ever mounting evidence that Obama is a US Citizen, […]

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Aug 22 2008

The Cult Of The COLB Crashes Into Reality has examined the physical Obama COLB and put to rest all the bizarre, stupid and unethical claims regarding its authenticity and Obama’s citizenship. They even provide pictures of all the features that many of us said were there and others claimed did not exist in the initial round of conspiracy theories (go to fact […]

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Aug 13 2008

The Cult Of The COLB Implodes

Yes To Democracy alerted me to some interesting happenings over at the Cult of The COLB. It seems the ‘esteemed’ Techdud has gone underground and those blogs who had been promoting his ‘reports’ have pulled them: Update:  Techdude has informed me that he is unable to continue his work at this time, due to family obligations […]

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Aug 05 2008

Techdude Produces Another Dud For The Cult Of The COLB – Forger Found!

Update: The patients have taken over the insane asylum at The Cult of The COLB: Forensics specialist Techdude, who has been chipping away at the Obama Birth Certificate mystery for some time, has confirmed that the name on the original Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) which was used to forge the document presented by Barack […]

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Aug 03 2008

Look, The Cult Of The COLB Has A New Fiction Coming Out

Well, well, well.  It seems the Cult Of The COLB has a new fiction being released soon.   The COLB experts have not backed down. To the contrary, they continue to tell me that their conclusions grow stronger every day. Techdude is wrapping up a NEW EXCLUSIVE report for TexasDarlin that will be even more conclusive than his […]

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Jul 28 2008

Meet The Dan Rathers Of The Right – The Cult Of The COLB

Delusional obsession. What else could explain people like Dan Rather, who still think the forged TANG documents – shown to have been created using a modern word processing program – are real even though the evidence is overwhelmingly against such conclusions? I have no clue, but to take clear evidence that something is a forgery […]

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