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Apr 13 2008

Is It What It Seems?

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I have to laugh at the media on a daily basis because they just cannot see things outside their partisan blinders. This true across the globe. Check this news out and then ponder the various forms of Trojan Horses: Food and weapons were recovered by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan after a coalition helicopter accidentally […]

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Apr 13 2008

Iraq Winning War In Mahdi Army

The concocted myth by the SurrenderMedia that the Iraqi crackdown on the Shiia Mahdi Army, headed by Moqtada al-Sadr, was a failure has now been exposed. And far from being a failure this could be the Iraq wars version of the Battle of The Bulge in WW II, where the last gasp of the dying […]

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Apr 13 2008

Amateur Obama Is A Professional Elitist

Boy, did Obama stick his foot in his mouth this time. Somehow people of tradition and religion who want to raise their kids their way (not Hollywood’s way, nor the way of the sleazy super rich NY Club crowd) do these things out of frustration, instead of purpose. Somehow following your normal, run of the […]

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Apr 13 2008

Bureaucrats And Congress Flexing Their ‘Nuisance” Muscles, Using Average American As Pawns, Political Wars Out Of Control

When is a government job not in the interest of the American People? Well, one good sign is when the job’s purpose is for the bureaucrat to gain personally while the people in general suffer. Bureaucrats work for the people, at the pleasure of the people. When the people become their pawns we have lost […]

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