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Apr 07 2008

Maliki Sets The SurrenderMedia Straight

The liberal SurrenderMedia have been misinforming this nation about what is going on in Iraq. In a rare moment of candor CNN allowed Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to burst all their fantasies and misinformation regarding what has been happening with the Militias and Iran over the past couple of weeks. It was a royal drubbing […]

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Apr 07 2008

Sadr Will Surrender – Dems And SurrenderMedia Screw Up Again

Major Update: It seems the UK news media, which is not as vested in a US defeat in Iraq as our American SurrenderMedia, has reported on the pending victory for Maliki against Sadr: From The Times April 7, 2008 Iraq: Al-Mahdi army offers to lay down its arms Iraq’s largest and most dangerous militia, the […]

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Apr 07 2008

Dems Face Tough Week Facing Realities In Iraq

General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker will be top of the news this week as they come before Congress to tell of the sea change in Iraq since last year at this time when the Dems tried every trick they could think of to stop the Surge and Awakening from purging much of Iraq […]

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Apr 07 2008

Taliban Taking A Beating, Call Foul On France

It is interesting to see when terrorists feel that western politicians are not doing what the terrorists want. The terrorists get all upset and call the western leaders names, which is usually a sign things are not going well. Clearly things must no be going well in Afghanistan for the Taliban, based on a recent […]

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Apr 07 2008

Maliki And US Go After Sadr’s Thugs

The news out of Iraq is very promising. The Iraq government sees the al-Qaeda threat so diminished it has decided to finally clean out the militias and control Iraq, especially Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Militia. And Maliki has the backing of the various factions inside the government and the other Shia sects, effectively isolating Sadr and […]

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