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Jul 14 2014

Obama’s Political Game Turns Deadly

For President Bush, Katrina became a toxic political subject due to dead bodies floating in the waters to underscore the human crisis. But at least he responded. For President Obama the question is, will the floating bodies of young “Dreamers” finally stop the President from playing politics and start playing leader of the free world? […]

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Jul 14 2014

Obama Makes Bush Look Great On Katrina

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President Obama and his “handlers” assume a certain level of ignorance by the general population (aided by a biased media willing to sacrifice their honor and morality for the political cause). For example, the method by which President Obama is creating a border crisis to extort legislation out of Congress requires a certain amount of […]

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Nov 19 2009

Clinton Responsible For Katrina Damage?

The truth sometimes takes years to come out, but the verdict (literally) is in on the Katrina disaster and one of those convicted was the US Army Corps of Engineers: The failure of the Corps to recognize the destruction that the MRGO had caused and the potential hazard that it created is clearly negligent on […]

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Sep 01 2008

Gustav Disappoints Blow Hard Democrats As It Dissipates Before Land Fall

I was really good on my prediction of how bad Katrina would be before it hit. From years of looking at weather patterns and such from missions at NASA I could see from the breadth of the storm alone it would be something for the history books: This is going to be one of those […]

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Jan 24 2008

Another Example Of Global Warming Ignorance

The saying goes “blame it on the weather”. After Katrina hit the US the man-made global warming zealots all said global warming is causing increased hurricane activity. Since Katrina the US has seen very few hurricanes (and BTW – the temperature of Earth has been roughly steady and below the latest peak in 1999). Conveniently, […]

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Oct 28 2007

In The Wake Of Katrina, GOP Success

The liberal media and their democrat masters in Congress make a good play on TV and in the newstands, but Americans – much more sophisticated and intelligent than their purchasing habits may initially appear – are not buying the liberal fiction. Katrina is the best indication of this happening. It is clear why, but let […]

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Aug 29 2006

Must See Katrina Post

Paul at Wizbang has damning and clear evidence that one of the failed levies was not overtopped, as the media has claimed, but simply failed. It failed under conditions where the water was nowhere near the top of the levies. It failed because the levee was of a flawed design. This is not Bush’s fault, […]

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Aug 28 2006

Remembering Katrina

Things to remember about Katrina: (1) Bush pleaded and begged Nagin and Blanco for days to evacuate New Orleans, which they did too late to meet the requirements established in the New Orleans disaster plan. (2) Nagin and Blanco tossed out their hurricane/flood disaster plan that they submitted and coordinated with FEAM, throwing the entire […]

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Jun 01 2006

NO Levees Failed Due To Natural Causes

A little known fact is that the tip of Louisiana is sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. Has been for decades if not longer. Some if it has been accelerated by development – much of it attributed to the dikes erected all along the Mississippi River to control flooding. When we stopped the flooding of […]

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Mar 03 2006

This Is Class

This is the Blogosphere at its best – a heart felt mea culpa on Michael Brown. I take pride in being one of the few bloggers who stayed by Brown and did not succumb to the mob frenzy.  Reading my post from September 27th I realized how angry I was at people for jumping to […]

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