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Apr 16 2008

Wither Global Warming?

As we hit springtime in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern it is a good time to assess this year’s actual climate results against the dire predictions of the man-made global warming alarmists. This post has a lot of graphs from NOAA and NASA which show that the 2007-2008 period is clearly bucking […]

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Apr 16 2008

Pakistanis Take Out Infamous al-Qaeda Taliban Leader

Good news from the War on Terror as Pakistani forces killed an infamous al-Qaeda leader: A senior Taliban commander who became a hero to Islamic militants for his role in shooting down a U.S. helicopter in 2005, killing all 16 special forces troops aboard, has been killed by Pakistani security forces, officials and Taliban militants […]

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Apr 16 2008

Bill Maher Demonstrates Liberal Insecurity With Religion

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Liberals wallow in a severe inferiority complex when it comes to people of religion, especially those in the Catholic religion. I guess it is part of their sustained juvenile revolt against authority pointing out that some of their self absorbed behavior (drugs, infidelity, etc) is more often than not a net negative on them and […]

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Apr 16 2008

Obama Hero Of Persian Islamists?

Boy, last thing you need as a President candidate is support from Persian Islamists. Persia, of course, is now Iran. Checkout Gateway Pundit and AntiMullah for the devastating story and pictures. Maybe it is all just an ingenious Hillary black-ops media ploy on Obama?

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Apr 16 2008

Mahdi Army Getting Pounded, SurrenderMedia Exaggerates Minor Set Back

I will start with the Stupid SurrenderMedia trick of the week as they take a minor setback with a small group of Iraqi troops and try and extrapolate it into a representation of the entire Iraq war. The so called debacle is about one small group of Iraqi troops who acted like liberal democrats and […]

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