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Jun 27 2014

Libertarian Tea Party Delayed, Not Defeated

The recent primary ‘scare’ to the GOP Political Industrial Complex (herein referred to as “the Establishment”) has been misread by just about everyone in the “Establishment”. One of the few exceptions was Jay Cost: It is important to differentiate the candidates challenging the establishment from the voters backing those challengers. The candidates are either amateurs […]

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Jun 25 2014

Obama’s VA Killed Nearly As Many Soldiers As Afghan War, Per Year

Addendum: Let me head this off up front.  While the total number of soldiers dying (on average) in Afghanistan is 139 per year and on VA waiting lists is “over 100” per year, the percent dying will tilt in favor of the VA who should see more soldiers each year than Afghanistan does. With that […]

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Jun 20 2014

Green Obssession Is Killing People

Liberals and Green’s are obsessed with their fantasies concerning renewable energy, CO2, global warming, etc. It has become a religion so powerful that all evidence that these fantasies do not exist is duly ignored. The act of obsessing  becomes critical when some fantasy gets in the way of responsible behavior. Even worse, when obsession blocks […]

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Jun 18 2014

Our Stumbling, Bumbling, Incompetent Government

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Scanning the headlines it is clear our federal government is pretty much dysfunctional in many, many  areas. For example, look at this list of our government at work: IRS “loses” emails over the critical period in Tea Party targeting investigation The Veterans Administration has been caught destroying evidence of its hiding the fact wait lines […]

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Jun 16 2014

Global Warming Alert: Data Lousy & Models Unrealistic

This one just had my jaw dropping. But a little background first. The scientific method – before being broken and manipulated by the Global Warming Alarmists – was all about proving a theory against reality. If reality and the theoretica predictions did not match, the theory was proven to be wrong and tossed. Or, in […]

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Jun 15 2014

The Lame Duck Implodes

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President Obama’s tenure has been a roller coaster ride of Big Government, Big Promises and Big Failures. And the Big Failures are always followed by Big Lies on why the promise was never made in the first place, or the result is not that bad, or straw men should not deter us from our messianic […]

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Jun 12 2014

(100,000’s of Jobs + Billions of Taxpayer $’s) x 85 years = 0.018° C

This post is about jaw dropping arrogance from the Obama Administration, and what I fear is rampant ignorance and/or apathy now infecting American society. The arrogance is captured in the equation above, and comes from two recent posts on the EPA edicts on fighting global warming (i.e., controlling CO2 production). First, this fact about these […]

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Jun 11 2014

Obama Goes Wild & Creates Tea Party Backlash

It is really interesting watching the political dynamics this season. The Political Industrial Complex (Politicians and their staff, Political Consultants, Political News Media, Lobbyists, etc) has just been completely shocked today as the GOP House Majority Leader – Eric Cantor – lost his primary to an unknown Libertarian backed by Tea Party groups. It wasn’t […]

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