Apr 22 2008

Iraqis Turning In Mahdi Army Fighters

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Seems Sadr’s Mahdi Army may not have a lot of support in the Iraqi population after all:

IA soldiers discovered a weapons cache in 2 vehicles during Op Charge of the Knights in the Al-Quibla district of Basra, April 19.

Acting on a tip from an Iraqi citizen, the IA soldiers found ordnance in the vehicles, including RPG rounds with launcher, an EFP device, various sized mortars, a homemade .50 caliber rifle with standard and armor piercing rounds, plastic explosives, electronic trigger devices, and a large amount of small arms ammo.

“The continued success of Op Charge of the Knights is due in part by the local Iraqis providing numerous tips to the IA on where these weapons are stored,” said Lt. Col. Neil Harper, deputy public affairs officer for MNC-Iraq. “The citizens of Iraq are protecting their own communities, working with the Iraqi Security and CF; they are taking greater responsibility for their own lives and their communities.”

Who could blame them? I wouldn’t want a truckload of RPGs and IEDs parked on my street either. The biggest factor the SurrenderMedia and others neglected when considering Sadr’s threats of war are whether Iraqi Shiites have any burning reasons to throw away what they have gained since being liberated from Saddam’s butchers and start a bloody shiite on shiite civil war in their own streets and neighborhoods. There is just no reason for Shiites to get into a blood bath for Sadr fat butt. Ain’t going to happen, not while there is a Shiite Prime Minister at the head of the Iraq government.

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