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Nov 30 2005

Scowcroft Told Wilson To Go Public?

The readers on this site are some of the most amazing I have seen anywhere. I am truly humbled by their collective curiousity and diligence. Reader Mary Mapes has uncovered an interesting set of data points developed by another blogger which, when connected, point to the strong possibility Brent Scowcroft told Wilson to go public […]

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Nov 30 2005

The Wilson-Kerry-NSC Axis Of Evil

There is more and more evidence that there was a lot of collusion between the Wilsons, people at the CIA and people at the State Department to put out a sham story on the Niger forgeries to help Kerry get elected. Here is the evidence (which somehow Inspector Clousseu Fitzgerald keeps missing). (1) Wilson was […]

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Nov 30 2005

Cindy Is A Flop

I can get 200 people to my house without even trying hard. Cindy Sheehan tries for a national media event and that becomes a challenge: Antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and her book publisher are upset about Associated Press and Reuters photos that allegedly presented a misleading impression of her book signing last weekend in Texas. […]

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Nov 29 2005

Mark Warner: Playing Politics With Death

All those who think Mark Warner has a chance in 2008 have to realize he did something today he claimed was wrong all through the campaign for Governor in support of Tim Kaine. Warner voided a death sentence for purely personal political benefit. Virginia’s governor on Tuesday spared the life of a convicted killer who […]

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Nov 29 2005

MSM: No Torture To Find Bin Laden

I am not sure the liberal MSM is even aware of how silly it sounds sometimes. The left is all atwitter Bin Laden, Zarqawi and Zawahiri (OBL’s Deputy) have not been found. But in the same breathe they are concerned about torturing terrorists who kill people: The CIA, accused of using harsh interrogation techniques to […]

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Nov 29 2005

Fight For Christmas

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The number of people in this country who celebrate CHRISTMAS as part of the celebration of Christ’s life (whether you are religous like most or spiritual like me) is such a lop sided majority I do not understand why there is a fight to call Christmas ‘Christmas‘! If it’s a spruce tree adorned with 10,000 […]

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Nov 29 2005

Peace Activists Hostage

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If you are following the breaking hostage news in Iraq, there is no better site than the Jawa Report which has an exclusive on the video and the hostages themselves. We pray for them and their families. There are some interesting updates at Jawa Report. The first is an ignorant move by the peace group […]

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Nov 29 2005

Move Over Pajama’s

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Flannel’s Media has been launched and, I hate to say it, is more interesting in it’s debut than the PJM/OSM/PJM site has been to date. [Hat tip Mark Coffey.] Two Thumbs Up!

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Nov 29 2005

Watcher’s Council News

There is a position opening up on the Watcher’s council for those interested. To find out more simply go here. If you want to volunteer a post of your own, Watcher has opportunities to nominate your post directly here.

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Nov 29 2005

Fly By 11/29/05

UPDATE: I missed this story which was posted by Don Surber yesterday. Surber’s comment caught my eye: Tom Daschle admitted to a couple of LA Times reporters what I have suspected all along: Much of the Democratic support for the war was merely to get votes. I find this actually shameful. It is one thing […]

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