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Nov 09 2016

Those “Fictional” Stealth Trump Voters – They Do Exist!

Turnout models – the bane of the polling industry! Sort of like climate models, lots of supposition and wish-casting, but when placed against reality they fall apart. The reason the pollsters got it wrong this election cycle is they cannot see outside the frame of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC)*. Heaven help us if they […]

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Jun 05 2016

The Left Continues To Push Trump Towards An Election Win

For people who are supposed to be the “intellectually elite” over the rest of us average Americans, the left side of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) seems to throttled at full “self-destruct” this year. The PIC is that isolated and insulated element of American society that includes the career politicians, their extensive staff, their sea […]

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Aug 29 2012

Condoleeza’s Cold Splash In The Face

Secretary Condoleeza Rice’s speech was a needed dousing of cold water, needed to awake us from a stupor of liberal foreign policies. Condoleeza was amazing, reminding us that as weary as we may be to lead, the options of chaos or leadership by others with evil intents is much, much worse. Her recall back to […]

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Jul 04 2012

The Second Great America Independence Movement

I tend to be with those who note the Roberts’ Court decision on Obamacare is a clarion signal that American Independence is once again threatened. But this time the threat comes from our own bloated, out of control and inept federal government. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air discovered this excellent synopsis of where we stand […]

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Jul 02 2012

What A Storm! [And No, It Was Not Caused By AGW]

[Click to enlarge image] That was an incredible natural event that blew through the DC area Friday night. The Washington Post ran an excellent article on it Saturday describing the event (which means half the region could not read it – doh!): Between 9:30 and 11 p.m. Friday night, one of the most destructive complexes […]

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Jun 29 2012

Chief Justice Roberts’ Mad Contortions

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All I can say about yesterdays ruling from the USSC is we now know for sure the only way to fix our economy and country is to dismantle the federal behemoth.  I don’t have a clue what drove Roberts to apparently switch is vote and let stand a ‘punishment’ tax for not procuring a specified […]

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Jun 03 2011

The Doomed Future Of Obamacare Is All But Certain

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Obamacare, as with the silly left wing fantasy of ‘free’ government run health care, has an appointment with failure. Modeled after the UK’s failing National Health Service, Obamacare is guaranteed end up with the same medical disasters as the NHS: In an article for The Daily Telegraph, Andrew Lansley says the core values of the […]

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Feb 10 2011

The Faux Panic Of Global Warming

This winter has proven that the world is unprepared to meet the basic needs of its citizens. As the myth of global warming spread among the ignorant – fed by the greedy and power hungry – no one stopped to even think about what was behind the delusion of global warming cries. Let alone the […]

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Jan 08 2011

Beware Of Job Reports Over Holidays

Holiday seasons are notoriously bad times to sample long term trends. If you want to measure productivity don’t do it on a short work week – especially if it is normal for people to take off early the last work day. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas people are usually at their most optimistic or pessimistic (depending […]

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Dec 27 2010

How Hitler And Liberals Fear Christmas

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Is the shared fear of Christmas and its Christian roots some interesting and bizarre coincidence, or a commonly shared fear of good people and historic teachings? Sadly, ’tis the season to ponder such disturbing questions. I found these news stories before Christmas quite enlightening. First Hitler’s view: But the Nazi Christmas was far from traditional. […]

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