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Dec 07 2007

Plame Dives Into NIE Debate – Notes Fitzgerald Aiding Waxman Witch Hunt – Coincidence?

Addendum: Clarice Feldman and I have been bantering in emails over this connection between Plame and the authors of this NIE and one topic I wanted to emphasize was the timing of this phone call right before her speech that Fitzgerald and Waxman were colluding on some dirt on Bush and Cheney. First off, the […]

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Dec 04 2007

Iran NIE Is Not A Typical Intel NIE

Wild Speculation Alert: I have listed a lot of coincidental and circumstantial evidence in this post folks. I feel compelled to warn everyone when I see links to this NIE and Valerie Plame! It seems the NIE was NOT a consensus view of the US Intelligence Community but a hack job by some folks with […]

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Jul 19 2007

Plame’s Lame Blame Game

Seems Plame’s Lame Blame did not pass the laugh test with a federal judge: A federal judge on Thursday dismissed former CIA operative Valerie Plame’s lawsuit against members of the Bush administration in the CIA leak scandal. H/T Drudge. I actually am disappointed. I felty the civil trial would allow Libby and those who are […]

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Jul 03 2007

Fitzgerald Blows His Cover

Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has just proved he was out for more than just justice in his witch hunt for Libby – he opened his mouth and moaned about Bush’s legal right to commute sentences. It is well past time to investigate Fitzgerald for prosecutorial abuse and lying to both The US Court of Appeals and […]

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Jul 02 2007

Bush Commutes Libby Sentence

Apparently from all the hits my site is getting and an alert at DrudgeReport it seems President Bush has commuted Scooter Libby’s jail sentence in the lame Plame Game. President Bush commuted the sentence of former aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby Monday, sparing him from a 2 1/2-year prison term in the CIA leak case. […]

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Jun 07 2007

Commute Scooter Libby

Update – my response to the commutation news can be found here I agree with what Clarice Feldman and the folks over at Powerline said regarding the idea posed today in the Washington Post that Scooter Libby should have his jail time commuted and his fine retained (possibly reduced). The idea is sound because a […]

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Jun 05 2007

Libby’s Big Day

Today is sentencing day for Scooter Libby. Judge Walton has recently been appointed to the FISA Court, where he is getting a dose of what Libby and Cheney faced every day when dealing with terrorism against this country. I hope this puts perspective back into an investigation that is pure prosecutorial misconduct looking for a […]

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May 30 2007

Valerie Heading For Perjury And Obstruction Charges

Wilson and Plame have failed to understand one thing about the DoJ – they do not like ANYONE lying to them about investigations. There is a point where professional morals and conduct trump partisan feelings. People tend to associate very much with their career and profession (of course). So when that profession is under attack […]

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May 28 2007

Fitzgerald’s Proposed Libby Sentence IS For Crime Someone Else Committed

Fitz-Magoo is at it again, bending the law’s of this country to settle vendatta’s and scores with people for personal and political reasons. Between the hiding of evidence, filing false papers to the Appeal Courts and US Supreme Court, and now to making up laws as he sees fits, Fitzgerald is becoming more than a […]

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May 26 2007

Interesting Conflict Of Interest In Libby Case

Seems the judge in the LIbby trial is about to be exposed to many of the details reagarding the threats against the US – the same threats that had Scooter Libby’s attention during the Wilson-Plame media lies. The judge who presided over the trial of vice presidential aide Lewis Libby has been appointed to the […]

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