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Mar 26 2015

Petulant President’s Dangerous Game

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I cannot think of a more clumsy and dangerous move from our President than to  leak classified nuclear secrets to extort another nation into taking direction from America.  America is already wrongly seen as a bully because we (used to) stand for freedom and free-loving nations over dictatorships and blood-soaked regimes. To leak (or in […]

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Oct 14 2011

Libertarian Tea Party Movement Is Alive & Kicking

As the above poster notes, Big-Government is a joke. The bureaucracy and its pet processes have expanded to the point government has become mostly incompetent (except the military, which has a clear and unwavering command structure that keeps individuals from diluting the purpose and focus of the overall group). Big-Government incompetence is everywhere – and […]

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Oct 20 2009

Liberal Morality (Oxymoron)

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Today’s Must Read: What facet of the extremists (left or right) is their holier than though arrogance. They walk among us mere mortals dispensing their cosmic wisdom. They are insufferable know-it-alls who typically really know very little. Mona Charen notes how President Obama has taken this political hackery to a new high, and a new […]

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Oct 03 2009

President Obama: “My Image Is More Important Than Iranian Nukes”

The President seems to have seriously ruffled some EU feathers at the UN (which probably has a lot to do with Chicago’s lackluster run at the Olympics) by pushing his personal image over that of the interests of the international community: The President is believed to have angered the European leaders by insisting on delaying […]

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Sep 30 2009

Iran And That Bogus 2007 National Intelligence Estimate

In 2008, a suspicious National Intelligence Estimate was leaked to the news media, apparently to influence the 2008 presidential elections. An NIE is the consensus view on the threats to this nation, at times on a specific topic like Iran or Iraq or al Qaeda. In 2007 the NIE was a crass act of misinformation. […]

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Sep 26 2009

Axis Of Evil: Bush Right, Obama Wrong

Iran did something fairly important this week, in the grand scheme of things. Iran proved that President Bush and his “Axis of Evil” comment was accurate, and that President/Senator Obama (and all his liberal allies with blinders on) with his Pollyannish “Iran is not a threat” was wrong. Deadly wrong. Is anyone going to believe – […]

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Sep 21 2009

President Is Losing Credibility – Fast

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President Obama and his team came into office with high hopes. The first African American President was carrying the hope of a good portion of the nation on his side. Even a good chunk of us in opposition hoped this would be a new beginning. Sadly, we have watched our young president and his arrogant […]

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Jul 05 2009

Leading Iranian Clerics Reject Ahmedinejad’s Faked Election

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Huge news out of Iran today: The most important group of religious leaders in Iran called the disputed presidential election and the new government illegitimate on Saturday, an act of defiance against the country’s supreme leader and the most public sign of a major split in the country’s clerical establishment. A statement by the group, the Association […]

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Jun 25 2009

Iran Trying To Distract World With Iraq Carnage

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As I speculated yesterday, I think it is no coincidence that there is rising carnage in neighboring Iraq as Iran is on the verge of collapse. Desperation can cause violent insanity – as we see in the massacres taking place on the Iranian streets daily now. At least seven bombs exploded around the country Thursday […]

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Jun 25 2009

Revolutionary Guard May Be Turning To Opposition Side

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I have mentioned many times over the past week that the violent attacks on the people of Iran will probably change a lot of hearts inside the military and security forces. The reason I believe this is because security and military forces obviously come from the national community, which means when a government tries to […]

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