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Sep 26 2010

The Real Tea Party Movement Emerges

I think the Political Industrial Complex on the right is still trying to take control of the Tea Party, and is missing the point of the movement. I have said for a year this is a libertarian movement, not a social conservative movement. And two recent articles make the point quite clearly. First, via RCP, […]

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Sep 17 2010

Obama Doesn’t Get “Message Control”

We all know politicians spin and poll-test their phrases so as to best hide the truth of their plans by suckering the American electorate into seeing what they want, versus what the true intent is. We saw this in spades with Obamacare. It will not expand service for less money. It is a government power […]

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Apr 14 2010

Skin Cancer Vaccine Discovered – No Humans Destroyed In Process

There has been an important medical breakthrough in the US/UK. Researchers have discovered a vaccine for skin cancer which reignites the body’s immunity system to reverse and many times cure the cancerous areas. Dr Howard Kaufman, of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Centre, said: “Our study shows we may have a cure for some advanced melanoma […]

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Sep 29 2009

Science 101: ‘Embryo’ Is A Stage Of Life, Not A Form Of Life

Scientific illiteracy is really hurting America right now. I know math and science are hard, and I know it is ‘cew’ to diss them and slack off. But to do so handicaps people in a profound and serious way. Take the creationists (or whatever label they wish to run under) and their attacks on evolution. […]

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Jun 30 2009

New York, Where You Can Sell Your Kids For Spare Parts

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  Hey, while the Obama-Pelosi-Reid job stimulus package fails, you can always run to New York and sell your children for spare parts to the rich and famous: New York has become the first state to allow taxpayer-funded researchers to pay women for giving their eggs for embryonic stem cell research, a move welcomed by […]

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Mar 14 2009

Screwing Up In Reverse

If Obama must screw up, can he do it more in this direction than the one he tends to head in: On Wednesday, only two days after he lifted President Bush’s executive order banning federal funding of stem cell research that requires the destruction of human embryos, President Barack Obama signed a law that explicilty bans […]

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Mar 02 2009

Stem Cells From Skin Cells

Seems some in the blogosphere are just learning about last year’s break through in generating stem cells from the patient’s skin cells. Glenn Reynolds says “faster”, I say “try and keep up”. Addendum: To be fair, last year’s break through was in mice, while this year it is in humans (as I predicted, it was […]

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Feb 23 2009

Fetal Stem Cells Cause Deadly Reaction

There are a lot of snake oil salesmen around when it comes to finding a medical break through from the stem cells of young human beings. Internationally I have seen bogus outfits promising the miracle cures of stem cells, when all they are doing is acquiring stem cells from deceased fetuses, etc and injecting them […]

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Feb 12 2009

Adult Stem Cells Cure AIDS & Leukemia Simultaneously

As Embryonic Stem Cell Research continues to flail away (while wasting money and killing viable young human beings) Adult Stem Cell Research keeps making stunning medical breakthroughs. News is out that an AIDS patient stricken with Leukemia was cured of both by an experimental Adult Stem Cell therapy: A German AIDS patient was able to […]

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Feb 06 2009

Young, Innocent New Born Killed At Birth

  Don’t think some people are more robot than human? Don’t think some people see others as literally disposable resources? Then read about the horrific incident in an abortion clinic in Florida: Eighteen and pregnant, Sycloria Williams went to an abortion clinic outside Miami and paid $1,200 for Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique to terminate her […]

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