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Apr 09 2008

Iran Does Fund al-Qaeda In Iraq, According To Hamas In Iraq

Ed Morrissey notes over at Hot Air a very interesting interview with a Hamas In Iraq leader, who claims they have evidence of Iranian support to al-Qaeda and the Mahdi Army in Iraq: Salah Al-Din accused Al-Qaeda of being subservient to Iran, [claiming] that they had [extensive] evidence to that effect. He said: ‘We found […]

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Apr 09 2008

Scratch One More al-Qaeda Leader

Seems another major al-Qaeda leader is dead and on his way to meet Allah for his crimes against humanity: A U.S. official confirmed to FOX News Wednesday that Al Qaeda operative and bomb expert Abu Ubaida al-Masri is dead. Al-Masri was one of the top 10 Al Qaeda leaders and was responsible for the organization’s […]

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Apr 09 2008

No Exit In Iraq But Forward To Success

The Surrendercrats and SurrenderMedia are stumped by the testimony of Petraeus and Crocker. They are stumped because they cannot find the “Easy Button” for an exit out of Iraq. In fact, the SurrenderMedia is reporting on the frustration and the lack of easy exits: Frustrated Senators See No Exit Signs By Karen DeYoung and Thomas […]

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Apr 09 2008

Sistani Turns On Sadr, Joins Maliki!

When word came out from Sadr’s people yesterday that the Shiia Council had not told Sadr to disband the Mahdi Army I was highly skeptical and lambasted sick liberals like Juan Cole and the dupes in the SurrenderMedia for almost cheering the idea Sadr will not be completely destroyed politically. I noted that only a […]

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Apr 09 2008

Races To Watch: Pro-War Iraq Vets For Congress

This is going to be an interesting year in politics. While all of us wish the war in Iraq were over, most of us would prefer to go out winning. And since we are moving towards success the defeatism on the left is a perfect contrast in policy. And we will have plenty of races […]

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Apr 09 2008

On 5th Anniversary Of Fall Of Baghdad Iraqis Find Blood From Sadr’s Violence

Today is the 5th anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to freedom. And what are Iraqis waking up to? The blood, chaos and death from Sadr’s violent militia’s: The fifth anniversary of the U.S. push into Baghdad is seeing yet more violence. At least 14 people, including a number of children, are dead in two […]

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Apr 09 2008

Apparently It Was Not Bush In Iraq For The Oil, It Was The Dems

More dumb politician tricks – now the Dems want to raid Iraq for their oil, something they always claimed was why Bush and Cheney got into Iraq: Democrats plan to push legislation this spring that would force the Iraqi government to spend its own surplus in oil revenues to rebuild the country, sparing U.S. dollars. […]

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Apr 09 2008

Sadr Threatens To End Ceasefire?

As I pointed out in a previous post the attacks from Sadr City on the Green Zone in Baghdad had been building for weeks as Sadr and his Iranian puppet masters created a bloody media event for the Surrendercrats and Surrendermedia for talking points. This vicious cycle of blood for media has been going on […]

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