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Sep 30 2006

US Drove Effort To Round Up UK Bomb Plotters

It seems US intelligence was the driving force to roll up the UK bomb plotters this summer and threatened to take actions themselves if the UK and Pakistan did not move to stop the terrorist cells’ efforts: The US warned Britain that it was prepared to seize the key suspect in the UK’s biggest ever […]

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Sep 30 2006

Now We Know Why The Baghdad Curfew

There was lots of speculation as to why Bahghdad was sent into a daytime, complete curfew this weekend. Much of the thinking was there was an imminent attack which had been detected. Apparently that thinking was correct: Iraqi forces placed Baghdad under a blanket curfew throughout Saturday after U.S. troops arrested a man suspected of […]

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Sep 30 2006

Deport Violent Illegal and Guest Aliens

As many know I am for the comprehensive bills on immigration reform. The naive idea held by much of the conservative chattering class that a fence will suffice only affirms the idea conservatives are not perfect. I am also for less strident punishments for those aliens who have come here, set up roots and been […]

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Sep 30 2006

A Peak Into The Jihadist Mind

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I ran across an extremely interesting article by a Muslim, Saud journalist who is obviously well steeped in the forces and thinking behind our Islamo Fascist enemies. And in reading this compelling insight into the Muslim political forces, it is clear we are fighting Islame Fascists. It is interesting because the author is clearly not […]

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Sep 29 2006

Why Does Al Qaeda Sound Like The DNC?

Al Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has come out with a taped message for the world and America (just in time for our upcoming elections) which sounds just like DNC talking points: “Can’t you [Bush] be honest at least once in your life, and admit that you are a deceitful liar who intentionally deceived […]

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Sep 29 2006

More Bad News For Menendez In Polls

Update: More bad news on top of the bad polls. Seems a Menendez aid was caught on tape asking a contributor or supporter to do a political favor for then Congressman Menendez. – End Update Well, as long as NJ Democrats don’t try to pull a Torricelli, it looks like Keane will win given the […]

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Sep 29 2006

Allen Still Up In Most Polls

Senator Allen is up in most recent polls (except one strange one from Mason Dixon for MSNBC – note the caveat about the margin of error not including the form and order of the questions?). I would say Allen is not only weathering this well, but that the attacks by Webb and the Dems seem […]

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Sep 29 2006

A US Traitor Found In Iraq

A naturalized US citizen has been arrested in Iraq and apparently was providing aid and support to our enemies: A naturalized U.S. citizen from Iran who was found in Iraq was indicted Friday on charges of providing support to a terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the current Iranian regime, federal prosecutors said. Zeinab Taleb-Jedi, […]

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Sep 29 2006

The Webb Effect On Woman Voters

Update: Reader Ordi points us to this devastating TV ad on the same subject – End Update The Allen campaign is airing radio ads in the DC area which are devastating. They are testimonials from female military officers along the lines of a written email alert I was forwarded by someone. The impact is going […]

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Sep 29 2006

Its A Crime Against A Child, Not A Seat

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Just a few comments about Rep Folely’s resignation due to apparent sexua overtures (and who knows what else) against 16 year old male interns. First off, Folely should be charged and do serious crime if proven guilty. Second, the crassness of the media and democrat supporters is tasteless. We have a serious crime against possibly […]

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