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Jul 12 2005

More on Downing Street Memo Fraud

Again we go to George at Seixon who is tracking Michael Smith and his fantasiful stories about the so called Downing Street Memos which supposedly implicate Bush and Blair in some kind of unpreparedness and eagerness to go to war in Iraq. Of course they do no such thing, but that is what the leftward […]

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Jul 01 2005

Kennedy Is The Quagmire

A truly excellent commentary in today’s LA Times which is a must read. David Gelernter reminds us that quagmires are not a military situation, they are political state of mind. “Quagmire” is not a state of war but a state of mind. So the senator’s words aren’t necessarily wrong, they are merely irresponsible and potentially […]

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Jun 23 2005

Downing Smith Strikes Again

Michael Smith must think people are so stupid he can make things up with impunity, and no one will see the illogic of his statemments. Either that or he was incredibly naive about what war entails, and the work it takes to win the peace after the fighting is over. Thanks to Bill Crawford at […]

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Jun 22 2005

Da Vinci Code & Downing Street Memos

Christopher Hitchens is one of those devout liberals I respect immensely. He seems uniquely unaffected by the Kool-Aid from the left. He has a great article out today about how conspiracy theories run on selected facts, stretched coincidence and ideological zealotry to feed those who so desparately wish for something to be true to believe […]

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Jun 20 2005

The Manning DSM – Seymour Hersh?

After getting the comment from Seixon which resulted in the previous post, I decided to re-look the Manning DSM, which is the memo which stands out uniquely as not being transcribed by typewriter or in a PDF format. In this memo there is a very bizarre reference to Seymour Hersh – yes that Seymour Hersh. […]

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Jun 20 2005

What Is Michael Smith Up To?

I received a comment from Seixon ( which addressed something I had noticed on the Rawstory site and started to address, but changed my mind simply because I was not sure what it meant. It is worth exploring. There are two exclusive sets of documents here. One is the package of 6 documents he wrote […]

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Jun 20 2005

Rather, Michael Smith, Durbin

Is it possible Dysmal Dick Durbin ‘sexed up’ statements in the FBI report he referred to when he compared American and its military to Nazis, the Gulags and Pol Pots killing fields? One knowledgeable official familiar with the memo cited by Durbin as well as other memos said the FBI agent made no such allegation […]

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Jun 20 2005

Downing Reporter Supports Bush Impeachment

I decided to get some more background on the Times of London reporter who decided on a bizarre method to ‘hide’ his source through some creative transcribing. Suffice to say Michael Smith has been on a bit of tour pushing the memos and what they could mean. He interviewed with the Washington Post recently and […]

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Jun 19 2005

Media Faked Downing Memos?

Welcome Powerline readers! Welcome CQ readers! Up front let me say I share Powerline’s skepticism regarding why anyone would go through the effort to forge such non-news. And the lack of any rebuttal from Blair’s administration is curious. But it is also curious why Mr. Smith had to find a typewriter and then not scan […]

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Jun 16 2005

Downing-gate Memos

The MSM is all atwitter with selected Downing Street Memos. The problem is they are selecting the ones that support their wishful-thinking-about-Bush’s-Watergate dreams and ignoring the ones that blow holes in these dreams. Mark Coffey at Decision 08 has been doing a bang up job on keeping track of the total picture on this subject. […]

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