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Jan 27 2008

The McCain Effect – An Amnesty Hypochondriac Production

How is it John McCain is now best positioned to win the GOP nomination? If he wins FL (and recent endorsements by Gov Crist and Sen Martinez shows he has some gathering strength there) he will have supposedly turned the GOP on its head. Rush Limbaugh predicts the end of the party as we all […]

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Oct 31 2005

Miers Fall Out

DJ Drummond has a really good post out about the Miers debacle and why naive calls to simply move on are probably doing more damage than the intended result. I will predict the support for Alito will be very tepid and not inspire the base or the public. I don’t know Alito at all, and […]

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Oct 27 2005

Miers Was A Mudblood

UPDATE: I have been getting comments that illustrate that I may have left the wrong impression. I am not talking about people who had doubts about Miers, but would allow her an opportunity to be heard and make her case. And there may be some gray areas between that group and those I am most […]

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Oct 25 2005

DJ Drummond On Miers

Suffice to say the Miers nomination has definitely cleaved the conservative movement into two camps. I have laid off the subject because I have said all I need to say – the nomination will probably end in confirmation, and those who jumped to conclusions before all was known are not deserving of a lot of […]

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Oct 18 2005

Anti Miers Crowd Busted

In a shocker, the Anti-Miers crowd was busted today with the revelation that in 1989 Miers was against nearly all abortions. This is what happens when you blindly follow the likes of David Frum, who is probably on a personal vendetta and not really concerned with the national issue of abortions in this country. The […]

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Oct 17 2005

Base Behind Miers

While the David Frum’s on the rightside punditry get all emotional, angry and personal they have gone well beyond the base on the issue of Harriet Miers. Maybe it is because the conservative base still prefers professional courtesy and simple human respect when dealing with all issues. And the tone of those like NRO’s Frum […]

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Oct 14 2005

Redstate Is Back!

I am not gloating, but it is good to see the good folks at Redstate are calling off the war against Bush and the other conservatives. Someone I banged on hardest, Leon H, has this incredibly good post on why he is shifting his strategy to ‘wait and see’. I won’t attmept to translate or […]

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Oct 14 2005

Frum’s Vendetta?

David Frum has a big ego, that has been obvious for a while – just watch him on TV. And he trys to parlay his gifts [speech writing] into a deep wisdom on all subjects big and small – like all of humans do I admit. But he also may be pushing this country, and […]

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Oct 13 2005

Drudge Overboard!

Boy, the Miers hysteria is something to see! Drudge is trotting out 15+ year old information on Miers as if it was relevant today: The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained a copy of sworn testimony given by Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers in 1990 in which she said that she “wouldn’t belong to the Federalist Society” […]

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Oct 13 2005

Mired In Miers

I am stunned at how many conservative voices I used to respect are jumping off the cliff over Miers – someone they admit they do not know enough about to determine her core beliefs. They don’t like Bush vouching for her, so they attack Bush and her. The latest to go over the cliff – […]

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