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Jul 30 2013

Open Post – Comments welcome

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AJStrata has been swamped with work and family issues, some good some bad, all involving giving up his free time. Feel free to start a new thread of discussion on any topic of the day and relevant to the nature of his blog. LJStrata

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Jul 14 2013

The Effing Punk Got Away

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Update: Here is a good reminder of the limitations of our legal system, and why ‘not guilty’ so many times does not mean ‘innocent’. – end update Zimmerman’s defense team won a Pyrrhic victory yesterday. The prosecution had done its job in many respects. We all know Zimmerman chased down, confronted and – when losing […]

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Jul 12 2013

And The Zimmerman Case Is With The Jury

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And after three weeks the murder trial of George Zimmerman has been handed over to the jury. Will they find him guilty of 2nd degree murder? Of manslaughter? Or will he be found not guilty of either charge? Open post…have at it! DJStrata

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Jul 07 2013

Prosecution’s Case Against Zimmerman

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OK, there is too much testimony for me to go through it all completely, so here is what I see so far (have not looked at the defense case at all yet). Both sides are clearly giving it their all. There will not be an argument justice was not served here. I am somewhat surprised […]

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Jul 07 2013

Coming Soon: Prosecution Rests In George Zimmerman Trial

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Sorry for not posting in recent weeks.  Work is crazy busy, summer swim team events are at their highest pace, family issues bubbling up almost daily, and I am working my way through the video of the George Zimmerman trial.  Basically I have not time left in my day to even generate short posts. But […]

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Jul 04 2013

Happy Jul 4th, 2013!

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    Happy July 4th America! Hope to be back posting soon.

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