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Apr 10 2008

Sistani Does Join Maliki And Isolates Sadr

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Apr 10 2008

Stunning NY Presidential Polls

The Democrats cannot afford to have to fight McCain in New York, but some new polls out show they would have to do just that: When matched head to head against John McCain, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in a surprisingly close race in New York. Clinton receives support from 48% of the […]

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Apr 10 2008

Best Reason I’ve Seen For McCain As President And The GOP In Congress

One thing America is sick of is the use of the law to settle differences of opinion. And the cutthroat crap in DC has been debilitating to the functioning of our government and juvenile in its claims. And so when the wacky left remind us they have plans for payback for Clinton’s impeachment, they make […]

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