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Sep 03 2007

The Clintons And Able Danger

I am sure many have forgotten about Able Danger (see here for my many posts on the mater), a prototype data mining intelligence program that was begun in 1998 by the NSA and folks in the Pentagon to see if data mining technology, applied to publically available data sets, could help identify terrorists. The claim, […]

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Nov 02 2006

AP Runs DNC Dirty Tricks Propaganda – Able Danger Payback

The liberal news media needs to be dismantled. Now they are openly running DNC opposition research by trying to tie Curt Weldon to Slobodan Milosevic! This article is worse than the “6 degrees to Kevin Bacon” game in its thin connections: A daughter of Rep. Curt Weldon did public relations work for a Serbian family […]

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May 21 2006

Able Danger: 9,000 Found Documents?

Top Dog at the Able Danger Blog has news that the Pentagon may have found over 9,000 pages of Able Danger related documents: Back in November, Chris submitted a FOIA request for all documents and emails that could be located related to Able Danger. He was routed from the Pentagon to SOCOM, back to the […]

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Mar 14 2006

Was Zawahiri, AQ Number 2, In the US?

** Updates at the end ** The AP is reporting an FBI informant has claimed that Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s number two in Al Qaeda was in the US prior to 9-11: An FBI informant testified today that Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man lived in the Central Valley town of Lodi before the 2001 terrorist attacks. […]

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Mar 02 2006

Able Danger Timeline Updated

Kieth Phucas, writing in the Norristown Times Herald uncovers some critical timeline data regarding Able Danger and The China study [hat tip Vi at Able Danger Blog] and the purging of data (and work and contractors) at LIWA. I had assumed the terrorist study, known as Able Danger, had started prior to the China technology […]

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Mar 02 2006

Able Danger Conference Call With Weldon

For those who were not following the conference call updates on other sites, Curt at Flopping Aces and Vi from QT Monster posting on Able Danger Blog have links to the audio of the conference call and some comments.

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Feb 23 2006

Weldon Bloggers Conference Call

I had the honor of being on an Able Danger bloggers conference call tonight with Representative Curt Weldon. Thanks to Mike at Able Danger Blog for setting this up. The first Able Danger Conference Call was with Attorney Mark Zaid. Bloggers on the line: Dana from Common Sense Political Thought Curt from Flopping Aces Mike […]

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Feb 23 2006

Able Danger Round Table

A few of us bloggers were asked to do an hour on Able Danger by Dirk Thompson who was hosting a show out of Columbus, OH on WTVN 610 AM. The bloggers were Mike from Able Danger Blog (who arranged the event) Captain Ed Morrissey Rory O’Connor It was a fun discussion ranging on various […]

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Feb 22 2006

Able Danger Scoop

Ed Morrissey has some news from a source on the closed session of the Able Danger hearings last week. Check it out. The good Captain, Mike at Able Danger Blog and Rory O’Connor shared the stage for a radio interview for a station in my Mom’s home town area, Columbus, OH. Being my first radio […]

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Feb 20 2006

Able Danger Conference Call

I had the honor of being on an Able Danger bloggers conference call tonight with Mark Zaid, attorney for many of the Able Danger whistleblowers. Thanks to Mike at Able Danger Blog for setting this up. The usual suspects showed up on line: Captain Ed Mark Coffey of Decision ’08 Mike of Able Danger Blog […]

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