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Jan 21 2006

Eminent Domain Touches Supreme Court Justice

I always admire Americans’ innovation for protest and sending signales to our leaders to straighten up. Eminent domain is the one issue that will bridge the left-right gap in this country. And the first party to move to end it will take a huge chunk of the electorate with them. So when a group of […]

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Sep 14 2005

Roberts Defends Personal Property

The soon-to-be Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, just sealed his case with the American people: he is defending the right to personal property: Chief Justice nominee John Roberts said Wednesday that Congress has the right to counter Supreme Court rulings including a divisive decision giving cities broad power to seize and […]

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Jul 09 2005

The Supreme Janice Rogers Brown

The biggest decision by the Supreme Court has been the one confirming that disasterous and illegal land grab called eminent domain (for increasing the tax base by giving land to rich, connected developers). Tracing a link back to Coyote Blog I ran across this post on why Janice Rogers Brown should be a Supreme Court […]

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Jun 25 2005

Government Taking Land, Part II

A comment on the previous posting on this subject mentioned Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky as a history lesson of sorts. While this example reflects the use of eminent domain as we have hostorically thoght of it – to remove economic blight, it reminds us how we got where we are today. One have to […]

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Jun 24 2005

Government Taking Private Land

12/31/05: Nominating this as my best post for 2005 to the Stop The ACLU survey. One good thing came out of the US SC decision yesterday regarding eminent domain. It brought a spotlight on the socialistic moves afoot in this country to remake America into something we do not want. How many of us have, […]

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Jun 24 2005

Kelo Is A Tipping Point

I am struck with what should be a random series of events playing out as a tipping point that could create a massive shift away from the remnants of liberalism and toward conservatism. The two events are Durbin’s disasterous hyperventilating on GITMO and the US SC decision in Kelo. I won’t belabor Durbin’s now infamous […]

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